Thank you for all your lovely comments 🙂 Again the knitting blogging community surpasses itself and opens its arms to self-obsessed spanners like yours truly.
Soooooo, what to do with the time I now have? Well, inevitably, last night I got pissed 😀 Drank half a bottle of M&S Cava, ate a very very large bag of Walkers Sensations as the main portion of my evening meal (which was the naughtiest thing I’ve done all week) and watched Only Yesterday (one of the few Ghibli films I hadn’t seen before). Cast on for sock two of the sicky socks, but got too involved in the subtitles of the film to concentrate properly, but I am determined to complete the pair for this weekend, and start the next pair. Two weeks today it is the beginning of November (I know this because we are stamping the books for then, and it scared the willies out of me to think that it is so close), and if I don’t have two pairs of socks to my name for Socktoberfest I shall be traumatised beyond repair.
Oh and yesterday I wore my new cardi 🙂 British weather (particularly Northern with a capital N weather) has totally prevented me from taking pics since it was dry :/ It is dark when I leave for work, almost dark when I get home, and foggy and misty as anything (even tho going out at lunchtime today without a coat was just delicious – crisp yet warm in that gorgeous Autumnal way). So, I’m afraid you will have to wait till the weekend before I can provide a picture. I did venture into the staff loos at an early hour to try and get a pic on my mobile, but the phone isn’t strong enough to cope with the bad lighting in there 🙁 Sorry 🙁
And remember how I bought lots of good food things in Holmfirth. I bought other things too. Whoops. And here is me booking the tickets for the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate at the end of November… Oh well! Maybe I’ll reveal them to you in good time (i.e. when sunlight hits the house while I’m in it).
Anyway, the point was, what am I planning to knit next? And why? And how? Weeeeell, I have all kinds of plans, but I can’t decide what order to do them in. A week into my new eating regime and apparently I’ve already lost some bloating and flab around my middle. Apparently. I’m not sure whether I believe it yet, but we will see whether the scales say nice things in the morning. And why does this matter? It matters because the sizes I make may need to change a little. I’m hoping so anyway. That means I won’t be making the Union Market Sweater yet. If I spend weeks working on a size with tiny needles that will be too baggy at the end, I’ll be sad. It makes sense to go with a quick ‘I’m meant to be wearing this as baggy and oversized’ if I lose weight/’This is meant to be reasonably close fitting even tho it is thickish yarn’ if I don’t.
I get the feeling I’ve had this conversation with myself several times before, over some years 😉 Either way, time to stash bust. Maybe I should pick a pattern according the stash I need to trash the most…

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  1. Teehee 😀 They were very nice crisps – the Sweet Chilli ones 🙂 I didn’t eat them all in one sitting though, if that helps! And I did have a rocket salad before hand, so I ate vegetables (and green ones at that). It was a celebration and a half 😀
    Incidentally, I just polished off the Cava with a substantially filled glass – DB managed a small glass yesterday, and a slightly larger glass today, but I most definitely have drunk the majority of it. Hoorah! And why not, may I ask? 😉 I was healthier today too, just to prove a point – DB made a nice simple stir fry from some Chinese veg and sprouted peanuts with some Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli dipping sauce chucked on it. Notice a theme to the flavour? It is probably the only sauce I can have now, and pretty much only from that brand, but luckily this one is my fave. Please – everyone, don’t tell me it has bad things in it.
    Ok, time for bed before I type anything stupid under the influence…

  2. Sounds very yummy and after finishing the dissertation you have every right to eat what you want. Congrats on the finishing, now go buy loads of yarn to fill that aching void in your life – the chasm-ous hole opening right where that studying used to be, go on, go on, go on………..

  3. SO glad you got pissed and had a great time! You deserve it!
    I say pick something that is calling to you! Something fun that will make you happy! 🙂

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