I finished (warning – naughty words contained within)

I only finished. About fucking time too. That Bastard.
Tomorrow I heatbind and post it out. Two copies wrapped in plastic bag to protect them from the Pennine to Aberdeen weather, with a CD-ROM and some bubble wrapping envelope stuff. I can’t believe it. I’m free. Or at least free until something really horrible happens to it all and fucks everything up. Or until the results are released on around the 14th of November. At that point I’ll be shitting ’em.
But for now? I am going to go and get absolutely totally stark raving pissed. And maybe I’ll eat bad foods (btw – Nomato Ketchup? Like ketchup made from carrots and onions, but it has that sweet/sharp quality that I’m going to miss a bit less from the real stuff now that I can have this. Should be good on the baked beans tho).
Signing off: Bryony, Master of Science to be. Or is that Master of Men’s Pants?

7 thoughts on “I finished (warning – naughty words contained within)”

  1. i hope you don’t mind but i already started lifting my glass and getting pissed in anticipation of the plastic bagging and bubble wrapping. 🙂
    mmmm… ketchup… i, however, am allergic to carrots, so i won’t be able to try the nomato brand… sigh…

  2. hey Bryony, sorry I haven’t replied to your email yet (will soon, promise!) but I just wanted to say Congrats on finishing your dissertation !! Must be such a relief !!!

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