A space filler

Ugh, what a week. I have three interviews coming up, two of them internal, we need a new fire because ours has given up the ghost, and we’ve been preparing for our trip to Rome. I have finished things, and started new things too, but I just don’t have the time to take pics 🙁 And I have stash to show off still. And in less than two weeks there is the knitting show. And DB’s parents are coming over tomorrow, so the house needs supercleaning. And I have to make some lovely things to send out for prizes still. DB goes away for a conference in a couple of days, which might help me find time to do some crafty gifting stuff, but blimey, I’m not going to rest this weekend, so it is vvv good that I have a holiday soon…

But, to keep you entertained until I can sneak in some newsworthy pics and some loveliness, go and play this: Kingdom of Loathing. It entertains me 😀 Be warned, it is quite addictive.

[edited to add] Oh and my dissertation results are due this week. The board meet on Tuesday. 3 inteviews, diss results… Am now officially kakking it.

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