The fear

Several things. I’ve had wine and chocolate covered dried raspberries from M&S as a treat while DB is away, and I am still sweating from the tension of waiting for news that may not even arrive tomorrow, and will be fine because my tutor has been good and told me I’d be fine if I just altered cosmetic things. I’m a Celebrity… is on and that is making me even more scared. Toby Anstis a celeb? David Gest famous because he married Liza Minnelli, and poor little Jason Donovan starting to look a little folically challenged, and camera work during the bungie from the helicopter closely matching that of Sir Digby Chicken Cesear. I don’t know which is worse – waiting for tomorrow, or watching Faith Brown screaming like a hagard ancient harriden and Tony Blair’s sister-in-law looking slightly confused, as if she set off for the chippy and ended up here.
Bloody hell. Jason D just said a very rude word indeed. Several times, in several variations. Oh and he has kids apparently. Ooooo. Yeah, I’d have had his kids. Probably. But only if he wore his stockings and corset – the dreamcoat just isn’t technicolour enough to do it for me.

6 thoughts on “The fear”

  1. Jason D has been follically challenged for years, but he looked great in the stockings and corset (gather you saw him in Rocky Horror as well).

  2. tragically I spent the first night of celebrity searching the internet for info about jason donovan’s kids out of nosiness. You’ll not be surprised to hear their mum was the stage manager for the Rocky Horror so she obviously felt the same as you 🙂

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