4 things I like.

1) I like knitting (particularly when I order a hat on sale from KimHargreaves.co.uk and Kathleen Hargreaves emails to say that I live so close they thought of bringing my order round instead of posting it, but thought I might not be in. I pick it up from the post office tomorrow).
2) I like getting lots of well-wishing – thanks so much guys for your support and putting up with my annoying moans
3) I like getting the occassional bunch of flowers (although sadly never from DB), especially ones from my work colleagues, like today’s big bunch of gorgeousness (orange and gold gerbera with lilies yet to open, big green luscious leaves and a beautiful mauve cabbage heart), even if it makes me tear up and cry just a little bit. Ditto to them about the moans and stuff.
4) I like getting an email before lunchtime from my tutor telling me the board agreed a fair score for my dissertation was 5 (out of 6) and thus will be awared the MSc.
Hoorah! I have tons to do tonight to prepare for tomorrow, but that is one less thing to worry about (only 3 things to go now). After tomorrow I can think about packing and getting Euros and checking the weather forecast and how much money to save for the knitting show and yay.

10 thoughts on “4 things I like.”

    Hooray!!!!!! You did it! OF COURSE you did!
    Well done – and as for interviews? Knock ’em dead!
    Enjoy your hols!

  2. Yay! Congratulations!!!! I know I caught you on the tail end of it, but I still think that’s fantastic!

  3. Hey, Bryony MSc, Congratulations!
    Best of luck with the interviews and have a great holiday.

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