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We don’t have show and tell in the UK, or at least we didn’t when I was at school many moons ago, but here is some hot knitting show action, plus all the other things I haven’t posted piccies of recently 🙂

Oh, before I forget – DB posted a comment with a link to the photos from Rome in Flickr, so go looksie 😀 For those who can’t be arsed, they can be found here:

Rome pics

Not many pics of us – DB seems to hate putting pics with him in, and the only two with me alone are hideous cos I was knackered on Monday morning and looked rough 😀

Anyway, we had a fabby fabby time at the Knitting Show last week, and I made the following purchases:


3 hanks of Knitshop silk merino blend. I say this again and again, but I am damn choosy about how comfortable my yarn is. There is no point paying good money for yarn that is not nice to the touch. Price is sometimes considered (i.e. I will not make a sweater out of this, or out of anything that costs more than I’d pay for in the shops for something I really loved – usually about 50 quid if I’m feeling flush, more if I save up for something special). But this really is soft and gorgeous – it passes the cheek test with flying colours, and makes me want to roll in it. Cross your fingers for me in the hope that it breeds while I finish knitting my Christmas gifts (yeah, I don’t have long blah blah blah, but I am being selective about who gets them). *sigh* I’m such a yarn whore.


Next up some yarn I’ve wanted for a while. UK Alpaca were there, and I’d actually gone with plans to buy their alpaca silk blend, but found this and fell in love over it. This is their baby alpaca merino blend and is softer than the alpaca silk, which I never thought possible. It is destined for mittens with a snowflake motif I think. Oooooooooh baby I can’t wait to get my needles into it.


At the same stand I bought some good value alpaca and blue faced leicester fibre to spin up. I’ve been practicing with merino and doing a bit of a poor job (although I haven’t tried since I came back from my hols). I wanted to use my fibre to play with before I spun up my Sockret Pal Gwen’s gift fibre so that I didn’t ruin it or anything – I’m so not ready to spin to knit yet. BUT, I read somewhere that merino can be really tough to spin up. This stuff is about the same price as the merino – it cost 2.50 per 100g as opposed to Texere yarns’ £1.50 per 50g and it feels gorgeous. I won’t be too afraid to spin it up this way, and I’ve got plenty to play with, and can order online if I want more. And I love this wintery tweedy grey. I’m hoping that I’ll get good enough to send some to my sockret pal (so don’t say anything to her ;D), even if it is just a tiny amount. I’ll be having some spin time tomorrow hopefully, now I have no nasty interview stuff to interrupt my crafting 😉


Here is some stuff I’ve had for a while, but have never had time to post pics. First up, the wonderful Socks That Rock 😀 I have so needed to buy this and ordered it long before I finished my coursework so that I’d have something lovely to look at. Ooooh boy. I ordered a hank of lightweight Jasper, and midweight Highway 30. Both are delicious and I want to play with them. I also have a hank of Sweet Georgia, but the colourway escapes me for now. I’ll save it for when I feel like a quick knit, but it might work well with a couple of sportweight patterns I have. And the other?


Piece of Beauty Robe and Bowl. I may have already posted pics of this. I don’t care. It is lush. Know how I said I could roll around in my yarn? Maybe I could if I piled all this up… Hoorah!

I’ve also invested in some of the new Colinette sock yarn, Jitterbug. A hank is for my sockret pal (so shhh!), and a hank is for some gift knitting. I’ll let you know how it goes, but winding it up and the looking at the colours so far, I’m quite pleased. We’ll see how it is once knitted up… 🙂

Ciao baby!

5 thoughts on “Show and Tell”

    I lurve lurve lurve those colours of STR!
    Which colourway of Jitterbug did you buy?
    I ahhave been lusting over it at Get Knitted all weekend – Magenta and Fruit Coulis are both haunting me. It looks very much like STR / Piece of Beauty in texture – is that true?
    I look forward to seeing some serious sock output on your blog soon!

  2. Oh, I’m soooo jealous of your stash additions!! They are just gorgeous, girly!! I love all of the purple that you bought. Good choice! Now I have to go and get more STR yarn, darn you! 😛

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