A dilemma

Two posts in as many days? Good grief!  Please note that if you experienced any problems with the blog recently, our hosts moved the site to a different server without telling us, so there may be some missing comments and funnies…  Many apologies!
But anyway, I need help. And don’t say you already knew that…
This week we had a delivery of new stock at work, and a wonderful fellow knitter colleague (who sadly isn’t adventurous enough to undertake much of the patterns in the book) brought me the gift of a request on Knitting Nature :D I had this on my Amazon wishlist, but now I’ve taken it off – too many mad things and duds in the book. However, there are a couple of things that have caught my eye, and I figured I’d take advantage of the long Christmas loan period to see if I can knock out a nice garment from it. Now, I can’t justify purchasing any more yarn right now, and I have a big pile of lovely Knit Picks Andean Silk which I think could work really well as the simply delicious Rams Horn Jacket (one already made is here, and I think it looks lovely on her). It is either, if a swatch works out, this or the original purpose of the Glampyre Simple Knitted Bodice pattern at Stitch Diva. I actually hate to say it but I think the jacket would be more useful… Let me know what you think while I think about swatching.

6 thoughts on “A dilemma”

  1. I love that bodice pattern, it’s pretty awesome, it looks really good. And that jacket looks super cozy. but the bodice is so pretty, i think you should do it.

  2. I like the idea of the jacket but I am a little leery of the patterns with all the mistakes as well. You know that the SKB rocks.
    I suppose if you have the time & are feeling adventurous go for the jacket!

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