6 Strange things about me and some random thoughts.

Ugh, yet another cold (the second in 3 weeks, but a special different styled one – my boss has had exactly the same sequence of illness on the same days, so I suspect it is just a really nasty strain). That means even less gift knitting, and large quantities of easy eating (although today I successfully avoided toffees and choccy at work – yay! But consumed large quantities of throat sweets and blackcurrant medicine which is ok), and using all my time to shop for last minute stuff (done!) and try on pretty dresses in Monsoon in preparation for the wedding. Oops! But they have such beautiful dresses. I nearly bought one actually, but decided to refrain seeing as the size I thought I’d have to get now was actually a little big on the bust, which is a bloody miracle 😀 What a way to make me feel better 🙂 I’m hanging on, seeing as Monsoon always have beautiful clothes for occassions, and should still have some pretty things lurking at the end of next month, and as their dress sizes have given me hope. Did some wrapping tonight too, in preparation for some exchanges tomorrow at the last day of work.
The last day of work of the year is always good. We open at 8.45, and close at 12 midday! By the time we have opened up, cashed up, done all the daily jobs and wished everyone happy holidays, it is time to close up. Everyone who comes in is pretty much full of holiday cheer, even when they are stressed and rushing around to get stuff done with us while they can, and people sometimes want us to stay open all holiday. We won’t finish work on time, but that’s ok, as we will all go to the pub for lunch together, exchange gifts, and go home full and tipsy. Yay!
Ok, so I can read over DB’s shoulder that he is planning to tag me for this, but the lovely Modelwidow tagged me first, so she gets all the credit :p Lets see if I can think of 6… DB has far more interesting things to say in his ‘didn’t want to know about me list’. Maybe I’ll cheat and incorporate some (to all those librarians who get bounced here from my man – it’s legal as long as it is less than 5% ;D).
1) I am always always right. It’s a family trait. It doesn’t matter what it is, I AM right. And I thought of it first too. Therefore, I thought of this meme first, and even contemplated posting it and starting the chaing going looooong before Modelwidow tagged me, but decided it was all a bit too much like the other memes really. But clearly I am very innovative. And I am right.
2) DB is an ex-indie pop star. Kind of – the band can make a tasty sum as their vinyl goes for a nice price second hand 🙂 (that word count is less than 5%, and it isn’t an exact copy anyway. HA! See? Number one is so damn accurate and you know it). That makes me the Trudie Styler of the library world. What is particularly weird about this is that I truly believe it and use DB’s status in pub conversations frequently.
3) I won’t often look you in the eye – I’ll look all over the place in conversations and look like I’m not listening, but I am. That means that people often tell me secrets/think I’m not listening when they are spreading juicy gossip near me. Whether this is a good or a bad thing yet I’m not sure.
4) I imagine sometimes what would be the perfect soundtrack to what I’m doing according to my mood. Like walking to work in the dark, or coming down the stairs from the loo (the latter would involve the song Sir Digby Chicken Cesaer sings in That Mitchell and Webb Look 9 times out of 10).
5) The 10th time from above would be to Head over Heels by Tears for Fears (a la Donnie Darko).
6) I like to watch a full sequence of series of my fave TV shows. For example, I can happily watch the entire run of Friends over a couple of weeks while getting some knitting done (it was also my fave background noise for studying for 3 years – I have to have background noise while studying).
And if I could have a 7th, to make it lucky, I would point out that I heart the Simpsons far more than is healthy, and would like to think that I’m like Lisa, but really I’m just a combo of Ralph and Gill. And maybe Mr Pinchy. But I sadly never got the opportunity to attend lobster academy. And I’ve never been cooked.
Tomorrow afternoon there will be a finished object. Long finished, but I figure I should have some knitting content seeing as I haven’t had much to show with it being secret/semi-secret for gifts. If I remember I’ll ask Cherry to take pics of her socks tomorrow. Or, if her hubby is reading (yes, she told me 😀 *wave*), he might ask her. And he might like to know that there is such a thing in Japan as Hello Kitty toilet paper.
Next week, more stupid facts about me and my shite sense of humour.

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  1. Hi. I was doing a google search for Koigu yarn in the UK (e.g. a place to buy it) and saw your blog title… Library Girl Knits. I thought ‘What? Why is my blog coming up when I have never used nor written about koigu?’ So click I went and huzzah! We have essentially the same blog title – my domain is librarygirl and I just call the blog ‘knits’ and it’s not really out there as I use it for my own personal record. So hello fellow knitting library girl. =)

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