Trying to get my head sorted

Ok, so this is one of those self-motivational posts. The scarf I needed to make for tomorrow is almost done, but will need a press under a damp cloth to make it presentable. I have some cards to write, but lets face it, they won’t get done till tomorrow night seeing as last post for first class is Tuesday 😉 I got my Christmas pressie today from DB’s parents – a subscription to Craft magazine 😀
So I need to get things done. BUT, I also have to remind myself in between all these things that I have to watch what I eat for both my intolerances and to lose weight for February the 10th. That’s when Sue gets married 😀 I’d like to buy nice things in the sales after New Year. I don’t mind paying full price though if it means it is a size smaller than early January would get me 😉 I feel pogged right now, but the only naughty thing I’ve had is dry roasted peanuts and a really small slice of wheat free (and, may I add, almost fat free) ginger cake, so that makes the peanuts the worst thing. Everything else was pretty good. And for those people who have food intolerance issues, J B Bussink stem ginger loaf is the most moist and tasty wheat free cake I’ve ever had – a really good sub for Christmas cake may I add, and only 2 ww points for a big slice for those interested. And DB and his parents liked it, and they know cake well. I have yet another Christmas do tomorrow at work, so hopefully that won’t be to indulgent (you know, it being work, and therefore not really the same as going to a fancy restaurant). Ugh. Well, there will be about 7 weeks after new year before the wedding, which is quite a long time if I’m really good. Hahahahah!
You see? I can motivate myself to complete a degree while working, therefore I can motivate myself to lose weight and be good and everything, especially given scary photo opportunities… Now, that is motivational. 😉

5 thoughts on “Trying to get my head sorted”

  1. You know, I have the sneakiest feeling that that wouldn’t work 😀 But please, please, no! ;D

  2. Did it work? You said it yourself, you did the degree, so you can do anything 🙂
    Have a great Christmas and if you want something to think about, I have tagged you to come up with 6 weird things about yourself, (find out more on my blog). x

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