Well, this post was supposed to be a lovely one, full of pics of completed knits, PS2.0 stuff, wedding news (I cried several times, and it was all lovely), new stash etc etc. no such luck. I am sick as a dog. And have been spending money to make myself feel better. Monday I went for a revamp at the hairdressers (I have a fringe now and a new couple of colours – dark plum with flashes of strawberry red), but was coughing a little all day after feeling like I might be coming down with something over the weekend and dosing up on First Defence. I was there for 3 hours, went food shopping and came home to wait for a fire repair man, so I was busy all day anyway. Tuesday I was sick as a dog. Couldn’t eat, couldn’t move, hacking away like an old geezer and feeling sick. Yesterday I had sinus pain so bad I couldn’t open my eyes fully, they were so swollen, still hacking away, and the sickness was replaced by nose blowing. And I wanted to watch Brief Encounter and fell asleep after 30 mins and missed everything up to the last 10 mins :S. Today I’m a little better thanks to some cold/flu/sinus tablets from Boots (and thank heavens for strawberry flavoured soothers too), but because of how bad the coughing has been, I’ve pulled all the muscles in my back and abs, so I ache even more, and slept badly because everytime I moved I pulled something. And this was supposed to be a week of leave, relaxing, knitting, reading etc 🙁 All I’ve managed is 7 rows on Hourglass and a huge amount of tv coupled with dozing off.
So essentially this is an apology for anything interesting, seeing as I promised photos and goodies aplenty. Today is a sure sign that I’m improving as I’ve put some washing on and have *gasp* tidied a little in the kitchen. Don’t get me wrong – I’m too ill to actually clean things naturally ;D but I’m moving around, and this is the longest I’ve kept the laptop on since last week. Long enough to shop certainly… Ohhhhhh the goodies I have for you! Amazon purchases, some stuff from the US, and some of the most delicious yarn I’ve ever felt. In the meantime, DB is upstairs in bed after getting back to work for one day and stocking us up on meds, so cross your fingers and hope that he isn’t knocked down too badly by it. And please also keep your fingers crossed that I manage to work on some gift knitting and some test knitting before the end of today – I really need to get something done with it and was hoping to finish some stuff to take to work with me etc.
Ok, time for some breakfast, a cup of tea, and a hunt for a good brainless occupation.

8 thoughts on “Miserable”

  1. Oh no! Isn’t awful when you’re so ill that you can’t knit ’cause you’re just sat there bored, but you can’t focus, etc. I hate it as it seems like such a good time to get knitting done. Glad you’re on the up and up. =)

  2. Aw!! I hope you feel better soon! Take your time with the pics! We’ll all be here waiting when you are up to it! 😉

  3. Bless you gals. Thank you 🙂 I managed to get about 3 repeats done on a small but complicated knit, which is something to be pleased about, but am still hacking away and knackering my muscles up :/ We might need a Chinese tomorrow night to help us get better. There is definitely something wrong though – I don’t even want any wine or limoncello! 😉
    My amazon order arrived today, which makes it all much better as it included Yarnharlot’s book which has been christened during a good hot bath 😀 It’s the first thing I’ve read all week that didn’t involve tv listings or bloglines!

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