Thanks :)

Thanks for all your get well wishes 🙂 Things are kind of improving – I don’t have the evil sinus pain anymore, or the back pain during the night, and last night I felt much better after some chips from the local Chinese, a handful of salted peanuts and a small (for me) glass of red wine. BUT, I am still hacking away as badly as ever – perhaps that is why I don’t ache anymore, and I’m getting exercise better than any sit ups and by the end of this I will have abs like a gladiator. Well, perhaps not 🙂 I have got some gift knitting done though which is something, and just doing that makes me feel better to be able to knock a little bit off my percentage of secret stuff – hoorah! And I learnt that I can maintain a complicated stitch pattern while coughing.
Other things I have learnt this week from watching too much tv:
1) The Egg credit card ad is on far too many times during the day during the most bizarre programming times (kids’ shows where the kids are old enough to watch on their own but not old enough to buy things on credit?).
2) Toothbrush and toothpaste adverts are the worst ads ever.
3) Apart from the ones for Halifax bank.
4) If you go past a fruit stand on the street, it will sell nothing but perfectly formed green apples, and a really attractive man will say nothing when you steal one cos you have a nice smell.
I also learnt that if we are careful, we can watch the tawny owls hunting across the road 😀
I’ll stop rambling now, and do some more gifty stuff before my brain leaks out of my ears from watching too much crap on telly and I can’t do anything that requires concentration anymore.

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  1. Ahhhhhh,HF, you are one lucky gal. You might not have seen the excellent original IT Crowd (which I believe is being remade for US tastes and is about to be piloted), or fabulous Bill Bailey in action on Nevermind the Buzzcocks, but at least you will never have to see this:
    You do realise I bank with these people don’t you? That makes me sick to the stomach 🙂 Also, you are very lucky I couldn’t find the other ones on Youtube. VERY lucky…

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