Note to self

Just a reminder for me really, but anyone with a likeminded taste in music might want to look these guys up (Leah – you might be interested in hearing what is new on the UK alt scene).
The Klaxons (and the most awful site on the net) if only because Golden Skans is a lovely lovely track. The rest of it is a bit too dancy for me. But then I did say that about the Chemical Brothers till I got used to them 🙂
Air Traffic. Charlotte is a goody. As is Get in Line. Yum.
Cold War Kids sound rather good (a US band so most of you guys will probably already know them :/)
I’m sure there are more, but I’m going to hunt on iTunes for these three…
Oh, and I got a freebie this weekend. 6 balls of vintage Phildar – Phildar Phil’Douce in a dusky pink/purple, gifted to me from the mum-in-law in one of her finds from a bag of yarn for charity knitting. It is mostly acrylic but has 20% kid mohair and is somewhere from fingering to DK weight. No pics yet I’m afraid, but if anyone has heard of this yarn or knows of any that have replaced it for the sake of pattern hunting let me know. There is about 180m a ball, and the yarn is 21st and 30 rows on 3.5mm. It is particularly nice because it has a soft touch, and a little bit of a fluffy airy look, but still had an obvious thread to it rather than the fluffy, madly thin KSH. Does that make sense? In other words it is like a very slightly fluffy/hairy sock yarn than a mohair lace yarn. It is a bit like Jo Sharp Comfort Mohair but without the hairyness (seeing as that is thicker than KSH). I think I’m making this worse actually… It doesn’t seem to shed given the fondling it has undergone, which is a good sign. I have just over 1000m of the stuff so make me a suggestion for use!

2 thoughts on “Note to self”

  1. ooh, that is a lovely lot of free yarn 🙂
    No suggestions though, I have enough trouble choosing my own projects …

  2. Oh I LOVE the cold war kids!! Thanks for the heads up on the other bands! I’ll have to check them out!
    That is a lovely lot of free yarn. I wish I had some ideas. Umm, have you see glampyre’s new book? Lots of great patterns in there. Otherwise I’m at a loss! 🙁

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