Project Spectrum 2.0 and some progress

Ok, so the first thing is that my knitting is moving on surprisingly rapidly since I got better. My hourglass sweater is now divided for the yoke, which means I just have the sleeves and neck to do, although, sadly, rows and rows of stocking stitch in a grey yarn is not the best photo fodder. I worked on my Sockret Pal socks yesterday and, rather impressively for me, managed to do the whole leg before going out – I almost got SSS but for some reason, even though it can take a lot of effort to cast on for the second sock, it goes so much quicker than knitting the first that I wonder just why I procrastinated/struggled to get it going. No pics of that though right now 😉 My pal thinks she found me, and I’m not going to give her any hints just now…
And here we have a finished object 😀 Vanilla top down socks in Sweet Georgia Speed Demon Honey Fig. I [heart] these socks. Simple and basic, but the yarn does all the talking. And so warm and cosy too 😀
What else? I went for a walk on Saturday while the weather was still mild. That was a mistake for my health – a walk that normally is pleasant and quite gentle was suddenly exhausting, and I was shattered by the time I got home, but I got some good PS2.0 related photos of grey sky and silvery trees against the old autumnal leaves:
grey sky in Netherton
castle hill
silver trees
The route I take is around through the village, down past the farm shop and on to the woods that drop down the hill and open up less than 100m from my front door. By the time I reached the farm shop, the clouds were beginning to open up, and when I left the farm, there was very solid drizzling, but leaving me with some spectacular views. I may have been tired and rough when I got back, but I was very glad to have gone out.
And here we also have some new additions to the local farm shop.
Sadly I have no idea whether these are alpaca or llama but they are very very sweet 😀 If anyone knows, please tell me so I can go and ask about stealing some animal fibre from them…
Finally, some yarn eye candy.
PS2.0 related projects
Recent purchases…
We have Socks That Rock in Rolling Stone and Rhodonite, and some Piece of Beauty Eva 4 ply and laceweight, plus some Lucia sock yarn too.
Finally, here is a pic of me at the wedding, in my shawl. I look rough, and indeed, almost 30 in it. The latter is obviously because I am, indeed almost 30. The former is because we were up till very late the night before meeting up and catching up after way too long apart.

8 thoughts on “Project Spectrum 2.0 and some progress”

  1. I think they’re alpaca, but I’m not 100% sure.
    Your shawl came out beautifully! I love the colour. Maybe one day I’ll become a shawl person and not only want to knit such a thing, but also wear it as they so often have such nice patterns.

  2. I love the shawl! and the socks! and all things purple!
    Oh, and I think that is an alpaca, if it was sweet, llamas aren’t known for their endearing dispositions 😉

  3. That shawl is absolutely lovely! If I didnt know it was hand-knitted I would have thought it was a machine job – so neat!
    That blue Eva looks very familiar – I would laugh if it turned out to be the batch I sent back….?!
    Hearting the honey fig socks too – mmm!

  4. Lovely shawl!! I mean it really turned out so well!! I need to knit that up!
    Oh, your stash is making me really envious! 😉
    I can’t wait to see what it knits into!

  5. they look distinctly like alpacas to me – you can tell by the hairdos. Gorgeous shawl. I made one and it almost killed me, so I appreciate exactly (EXACTLY) how much work went into it.

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