A quickie ;)

Thank you for all your lovely comments! I love how everyone seems to interested in different things. I’ll respond this weekend to all questions though – the laptop is playing up (first the keyboard, then the memory), but it is 2 and a half years old so has done us proud for the price it was purchased at, and it hasn’t gone yet. Just that DB needs it for important work stuff soon, so I don’t want to wear it out! My puter is unplugged to free an extension, so my other option is using the media PC to post which means using the TV screen to surf the web :S Ok in small doses, but not good for writing a million emails or commenting on other blogs :/
Oh and Leah, yeah I know about the Soak, but US to UK exchange rate and postage is just too much 🙁 It would make it more expensive than buying a bottle of whiskey! I’ll wait till I need more things/Yahaira gets gorgeous things in that I really really have to have before I slip some into an order… Prob won’t be too long 😉
Oh, and last but not least – I got some Seawool! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Ruth was totally right about it!
More when things are reliable/I can get onto a pc that doesn’t nearly melt my eyes when I type for more than 10mins…

4 thoughts on “A quickie ;)”

  1. I am knitting up my sea wool at the moment – it is coming up looking lovely! But make sure you use good strong pointy needles – it can be a splitter! Looking forward to photos of your colourway!

  2. sea wool – my gauge is about 9 rows by ten stitches to the inch on 2.75mms – but this is in the cross-diagonal rib pattern so maybe not “typical”.
    Pictures please!

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