Project Spectrum 2.0 April and May plans

The laptop is looking a little healthier now, DB is ‘accidentally mishearing’ me when I ask him about his opening his Easter Eggs as ‘ordering a new laptop’, and the next two months look like they will be many many times more productive than Feb/March for PS2.0 projects. I’ve been saving some stuff to finish, but I also have tons of yarns that I could work on, and tons of projects for them… Here is just a snippet.
The Greens
1) Finish stripey cardi
2) Knit gift socks for Basia in Piece of Beauty yarn (probably Monkey pattern)
3) Rams Horn cardi from Knitting Nature in Knit Picks Andean Silk
4) Kidsilk Haze vest of my own design using stash yarn (woohoo!)
The Pinks
4) Andrea’s RPM socks in STR Rhodonite (already half finished)
5) Socks for Shona in Fleece Artist Sea Wool Rose Garden (the most gorgeous heavyweight sock yarn I’ve ever used, and knits up with beautiful definition)
6) Socks for me in Alice’s Garden from my wonderful Sockret Pal 😀
7) A Fitted Knits puff sleeved cardi in that Phildar Phil’Douce gift yarn
8) More socks for me in the now apparently defunct Curious Yarns yarn in Heathertop
9) Even more socks for me in the other gift yarn from my Sockret Pal 😀
Sigh, so many projects and so little time! I’ll at least have a good 3 pairs of socks by the end of this section, and a cardi too, so that’s a good start! Should have at least one more garment on top of that, and I had a sudden idea the other day for what to make for that pending birthday gift – a felted flower brooch with beads sewn on. I have a few inspirational pics saved, and I’ll go by instructions by Rowan for the felting and shaping techniques. Plus I can use a few odds and ends of yarn I have hanging around as they would fit her taste too. I just need to draw something up, knit and felt up a few squares (probably no worse than swatch size) to trim to the right shape and size, and play around a little, so should be lots of fun to make something so small but with lots of thought in. Wrapped in tissue paper in a box, I have high hopes for it, so cross your fingers on it for me. First step is to rummage through my stash, but I think some Kidsilk Haze mixed with Kid Classic and some other heavier yarns could make for a nice floral design. Stitched up with more KSH and beads, it could be quite pretty.
Oh, and at the end of April I go to Barcelona. And the end of May sees my 30th birthday (a day of fear as I enter my first meaningfully scary decade (shouldn’t I have everything by now?! When I was little I thought I’d be married by 18 – lmao!), but at least I can have a big party and a good excuse to get my mates round from all the corners of the country).
Should be a good couple of months ;D

4 thoughts on “Project Spectrum 2.0 April and May plans”

  1. wow, that’s a busy couple of months you’ve got planned there! And a serious number of projects planned.

  2. I hear you on the 30 – the boy spent most of this weekend reminding me how close 28 is to 30 …. which was nice of him.
    I am looking forward to seeing the photos from all that, and from Barcelona, it is somwhere I would love to go.
    Just going to post my stash photo now …

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