As promised, here is some eye candy in the shape of Fleece Artist Sea Wool 🙂
I bought two hanks from Ebay, the first as yet unknit in Moss:
Mmmmmmmm. So shiny and silky and mmmmmm.
Here is a work in progress. Not much progress sadly, as I’ve been worrying about Andrea’s socks (which it is officially agreed will not be finished tonight like I’d have liked, but should be done soon). Once they are done, I’ll be on these like a rocket 😉
And here is a better shot of the sock itself.
This yarn is just lovely to knit with. As yet I’ve not had any probs with splitting, but I can see where it might cause issues in complicated lace work etc. Mmmmmmmmm. I would normally not go for this kind of colourway but knitting it, it is just mmmmmm. Mmmmmm is a word that will definitely be associated with Sea Wool a LOT.
Hope that satisfies you temporarily Ruth ;D And it fits in beautifully with this month’s PS2.0 colours…

6 thoughts on “Purty”

  1. Purty, purty indeed. That Fleece Artist looks really yummy – and I love that sock wool (even though it is pink, I don’t do pink)

  2. OK, I may have missed it somewhere, but what pattern are you using for those socks? Gorgeous! I’m almost done with your socks (once again, I’m soooo very sorry for the delay), and I’ll be putting them in the mail with your final package early next week 🙂
    big hugs!

  3. that pink/green sock woo, is just so pretty, what is the pattern – it looks more like it is a raised embroidery than knitting, I love it. I have been reading about the fleece artist, please tell me it is hideous/itchy/pills/not really there as it looks so yummy that I will want it/need it and am totally skint after buying the new PC

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