Finished thingies and a forgotten reveal

I hope Abigail forgives me for this one, but I’ve been so excited about watching her, Sockapalooza (I signed up – well Duuuh ;D), and as I mentioned before my Sockret Pal Brooke has had personal issues so we haven’t even finished our swap yet, that essentially I never pointed out that I’d been spoiling her! Or I don’t remember doing it anyway. Abigail lives at 1870 Pearl and she is a major sock knitting machine 🙂 Go see her and wave and be happy for the love of socks.
There are lots of piccies again this weekend. I finished the RPMs for Andrea on Monday night, and so took some really really bad pics early in the morning before I set off to work and gifted them to her. I mean really bad pics. This is the best…
Then this week I worked on a gift for someone who will get it tonight at her party 🙂 A felted brooch (made with help from Cherry for the knitting – thank goodness! It wouldn’t be finished without her. She helped massively with the design process too, talking through my ideas with me and helping to make everything clear, plus adding a lot to overcoming some issues), made from bits and pieces of leftover yarn in my stash, including Rowan Kid Classic for the leaves from my Kim Hargreaves hat, some Kidsilk Spray that hasn’t been used yet, but is intended for more gloves and scraps of KSH in other colours from other gloves, and some of the Ironstone (?) chunky yarn from Minneapolis.
Here are a couple of close ups:
I’m remarkably pleased about how this came out. The stitching and beading was just kind of ad-hoc this morning while I was playing. I kept thinking ‘I’ll try this, and if it looks crap I’ll pull it out’, but it always looked right 🙂 More will probably be on the cards… It was a fab way of using up small amounts of yarn.
Finally, I finished sock 1 of the Whiskers and Paw socks. I did take some pics of the heel and toe detail, but sadly they look much better after blocking/on the foot, so there isn’t much point in showing those yet, but here, just to remind you, is a shot of the finished sock. I still love Sea Wool. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Sea Wool.
Ok, time to get ready to party ;D

5 thoughts on “Finished thingies and a forgotten reveal”

  1. Oh that brooch is stunning! Really beautiful.
    I love the socks too. Especially the first ones.
    Those exchanges seem fun. I might treat myself and join in one when I am done with the study/things for my other exchange.

  2. Those socks are fab! RPM was definitely the best choice! I bet you have finished a PAIR of sea wools by now, too? Speedy-socks!

  3. the socks are fabulous and the photography is perfect – shows pretty colours and the stitch detail what more could you want?! I especially like the brooch though, that is so pretty.

  4. Those RPM’s are beautiful Bryony! I’m drooling over your Sea Wool too. Where did you find that Whiskers & Paws pattern? I really like the detail in it!

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