The usual post night out randomness

Hello all 🙂
Just a brief posting at the mo. I need breakfast and to empty the washer so that I can get going on the Whisker socks and try and finish them this weekend. Sadly I have nothing new to show at the mo because 1) I forgot to take pics of some baby socks before I gave them away and 2) I’ve been getting ready for our trip to Barcelona next week. Oh and also 3) I’ve been reading too much on Facebook 😀
I’m inspired today though to write a little about some blogs though. I really need to update my blog list. I kept it short originally to keep things tidy, but I feel the need to add a new page and stick a list of the ones I subscribe to on Bloglines. All 75 of them. That’s probably pretty small actually, but it is enough for me to feel daunted by listing and commenting on them. Maybe I’ll do a regular update on the new ones. If anyone wants to nosy, I think Bloglines lets you have a look at the lists of ones people read, which a really funky feature. If you already have an account, you can see who I read because all mine are public, but I’m not quite sure how you get to me! I have lots of fun looking at who else subscribes to blogs too and hunting them out to see what they write (if at all) or what else they read.
I got linked to by someone who I think is a new blogger, but may have journeyed from another blog. It is always interesting and very very useful seeing who links to you, and in this case in particular, this person is worth pointing out (you better live up to this Mrs ;D). Tara D at Northwest Knitter already has a superb little collection of pattern and yarn links, articles, and a freebie pattern already too! I like her style – someone who has an eye on the world and spreads the word 🙂 And she’s inspired me to follow in her footsteps and regularly point out funky people/pretty pretty things etc. I’m a lazy blogger, and forget that doing this isn’t just about helping each other out with yarn and pattern reviews, but sharing the love and excitement of shopping around for cool stuff. And I loooooove shopping.
Hopefully there will be shots of socks blocking this weekend. And more on what I’m actually doing too. Maybe.

2 thoughts on “The usual post night out randomness”

  1. 75 probably is small, but I know what you mean. I use Google Reader at the moment, but am thinking of using bloglines.
    I should do more of this stuff too – need to network and all that for the career, not to mention the fun knitting contacts too.

  2. Well, I’m completely flattered and thank you for the link. I’ll do my best to live up to your praise. This is my first time blogging, so I’m still trying to get a feel for it.

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