A quick call for shopaholics

Three things really quickly:
1) There is a blogger in need of some help! Amber Moggie is having a sale of her stash as she is moving and downsizing and doesn’t have the space for it. She decided after buying sock yarn that is wasn’t for her, BUT, oooh what sock yarn! STR and Posh Yarn people! Go to her blog and see if you can help her out – she has a ton of bargains. I’d be almost giddy if I didn’t feel bad for someone having to clear out such gorgeous yarn…
2) Thank you for all your comments on the eco stuff. I don’t have time to reply to them all right now as there are too many things to organise before we go away, but you’ve said some really interesting stuff 😀 We’ll certainly be going through them all and working out what we can do after the trip. I would also like to slip in that we use Ecover products quite a lot too 🙂 Although the stain remover they do isn’t fab :/
3) I’m extra giddy kipper today as by a complete fluke I managed to get one of the Anya Hindmarch Sainsburys shopping bags on my way to work this morning 😀 The ones that say ‘I’m not a plastic bag’. Woot! I paid a fiver and they are selling online for anything up to £150 or £200-250 on buy it now. Goodness knows who would be desperate enough to pay that much, but you know 😀 And I got Bucks Fizz too! Shame they decided to get a wedge of plastic carrier bags out to put them in (most people refused them)… Maybe I’ll tell you more about that story when I have more time, but let me put it this way – we have two stores in town, and at the larger one people were queuing from 5.30am to get one. I hopped off the bus I normally get to work and found myself at a supershort queue at the smaller store 😀 Woot woot!

4 thoughts on “A quick call for shopaholics”

  1. Woohooo on the bag!
    Our library is selling jute bags, and they seem to have become *the* thing to have – they are all over the place! As the one I have makes a great knitting bag, I am thinking I should have a second one for my spinning stuff

  2. Oh, and have a fantastic time in Barcelona! If it is any consolation, as the plane would be going with or without you, then you being on it is better, as the fuller the plane, the less wasteful it is.

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