Yup, I’m back from Barcelona, after a week of very very mixed experiences. Highlights include visiting the Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo and Mountjuic. Low points include the Spanish Labour Day meaning everything we went to being closed or with 6 mile long queues (slight exaggeration), the weather being a bit mixed up (but luckily always warm), and my purse being stolen on a bus (a very long story, but we knew exactly who had stolen it, and saw his team do it again on the bus back to the hotel to report it…).
It is good to be home, but I shall miss the city, and waiting at Leeds train station and seeing all the scummers on their night out, plus it taking longer to get from Leeds Bradford airport to our home than it did to get from the hotel in Barcelona to Leeds Bradford kind of put a downer on being back in the UK… Compare and contrast – airport shuttle buses every 30mins, with several buses run at once to accomodate the travellers in Spain, to one bus an hour scheduled shortly after our flight arrival, giving us no time to collect baggage before we caught it, and with no room on it to place luggage.
Anyway, just to let you all know that I am alive, and back home, and bought postcards but never sent them thanks to the purse theft incident 🙁 I’ll post all about it and link to the photos (DB has been very good keeping up to date with them :D) once we are settled in, have the washing on, and I’ve read my 1000000000001 emails… 😀

4 thoughts on “Hola!”

  1. Welcome home hon.
    Glad you had a mostly good time – so sorry about your purse though! Did you get everything sorted about that ok?
    Leeds is always a downer on returning from holiday (you probably flew over my house though!)

  2. welcome back! sorry about your purse, but hopefully it hasn’t caused too much trouble for you, financially or identity-wise… (and just to be fair, i started those socks about 6 weeks ago – just got around to finishing and photographing them this week.)
    can’t wait for the pictures!

  3. t’other half once had his wallet and passport taken on the last night of a holiday, hugely less than amusing. Hope that that part of the memory fades away rapidly, and leaves you with just the good bits.

  4. :- Sorry to hear about your purse! Did you manage to get it back? Actually, everyone i know who has been to Barcelona has had something stolen. Think i will strap some kind of alarm to mine when i go, hehe
    I’m glad you had a good time other than that. 🙂

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