Lots to see and do :)

Well, my parcels turned up, thankfully! Only after my kind but forgetful friend dropped off the post office card 😀 Thanks to that, I have TONS to show you, plus some knitting 😀
First up, is pride of place really. My final parcel from my sockret pal, Brooke arrived. It contained the following:
The latest edition of Vogue Knitting (with a cardi I really really want to make :D), a gorgeous pretend cabley sock pattern from Schaeffer, and some Sour Raspberry Altoids (yum yum!).
Two GORGEOUS yarns – Cherry Tree Hill Super Glitz (a dk sock yarn) in Gypsy Rose, and some amazing handspun from Kristie Haynes on Etsy, a totally unique yarn called Raisin Cane made from wool and mohair, but with chunks of velvety bits and glittery bits 😀 I haven’t been able to take a good picture of it on its own as the weather has been poor here but trust me, it is HOT. I have no idea how to knit it up to do it justice!
Finally, the best for last. SOCKS! They fit perfectly Brooke – see?!
I love them – they are CTH in Dusk. What makes them particularly special is that they were knit while her son was ill. She had a lot of waiting to do, and these were her sanity knit. That makes them mean so much more. They are my sanity socks. I wear them when I get home from work and change, and they give me comfort. I was also wearing them this evening when I saw what I thought was DB logging into MSN upstairs, decided to surprise him with an online kiss, and it turns out it was someone else who had his old email address, with the same name. Much comfort is needed after that…
Good thing I finished these too then:
Not a great photo, or a clean carpet, but these are the finished Monkey socks for Basia! Knit in Piece of Beauty sock yarn custom dyed for me, and so quick and easy a knit, I can guarantee I’ll be making more. Lovely yarn, lovely colour, lovely pattern 🙂
Finally, does anyone want to do a sock yarn swap or buy this yarn from me?
It is Curious Yarns sock yarn in Heathertop, a colourway I liked a lot when I bought it with it’s greens, purples, soft browns and a light dusky orange-brown for the colours of the moors, and indeed liked it till I wound it up, but now it just won’t speak to me anymore. I have TONS of yarn, and so can’t justify keeping something that I don’t really want to knit anymore. I took it with me to Spain to make a pattern from Favorite Socks, but it still wouldn’t grab me, so I’m offering it out. There is a full hank here, wound into two cakes (unevenly I’m afraid – one is slightly larger than the other. I could say something inappropriate here but won’t ;D). One cake has been knit a little and can be rewound properly if required, but I just wrapped it round as I was frogging it for the photo – I only got about 2″ into the first sock, but when you know, you know. I have an open mind – just post a comment or email me if you fancy it with your swap option. I have some nice oddments that would work well for baby socks if you have a hank larger than 100g that you want rid of. Just say 🙂

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  1. Finally catching up w/ my blog reading! Lovely socks (all of them!). If I decide that the yarn I’m using for my Sockapalooza socks isn’t right, I may be interested in a swap as I think those colours are really good for my pal.

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