Forgot this parcel, but trust me it wasn’t on purpose, it was just nearly 10pm after a pub tea 😉
This is the parcel from Amber Moggie, from her stash sale. Two hanks of STR lightweight. The left is Mustang Sally, and the right is Cobblestone County 🙂
Mmmmmmmmmmmm. No plans yet, but there will be. There will be.
Oh, and I forgot to put my email address in the post yesterday for that yarn swap – just stick my name in front of hotmail.com and the net will do the rest 😀 I never realised how crappy that knitted up bit looked, and would like to remind you that 1) I only knit 2 inches of sock and 2) that is actually the smaller of the two cakes… I’m so not good at selling stuff ;D

4 thoughts on “Whoops!”

  1. Gosh! I’ve missed so much!! All your parcel’s are great! As are all your socks. Seriously good stuff!

  2. Well that was all worth waiting for! Lovely yarns, lovely socks! I DO like your custom-dyed Piece of Beauty – yum! Time Kirsty re-opened her shop! And as for that raisiny goodness – mmmm!

  3. What yumy yarns! I can’t wait to see how you transform them.
    BTW I showed off my beautiful socks to everyone who would look at them on the cruise ship! You recieved lots of compliments dear poppet. I heart my socks so much and I wore them the other day. Thank you again for being a great Sockret Pal.

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