A little delayed

Oops! I got a bit held back there on posting, thanks to a 3 day week which involved the installing of a multifuel stove in our lounge (and it is FAB), and the arrival of a long term guest (if not very very long term, but time will tell).
Anyway, what you really want to know about is knitting isn’t it?
Here are a couple of socks I have on the go at the mo. The first is the wonderful Jaywalker in Schaeffer Anne leftover from Cherry’s dragon scale socks. It still pools, but it also still feel lush and silky soft and lovely, and I’m hoping I’ve gauged the leg right for length so that I a) have enough yarn and b) don’t have too much left.
I also have these:
These are for my Sockapaloooza pal 😀 The yarn, in case you hadn’t guessed/noticed/read any of my older posts, is from the Knittery and is Orchid Merino Cashmere sock yarn, and it is sooo buttery and smooth to knit with. The pattern is of my own design based on a stitch pattern from good old Barbara Walker, and is supereasy to memorise and knit in front of the tv with a cat snuggled up to me.
I’ve also done a load of knitting on the Ram’s Horn cardi, and have a 3rd pair of socks just started, but given that I’ve had issues finding a good pattern for them, I’m holding back on pics in case I jinx them 🙂

6 thoughts on “A little delayed”

  1. Love them Bry! Especially the look of the heel and how it is striping!! Is that the pattern you were talking about for our FB group?

  2. Aw Joe snuggles up to you? I hope he doesn’t try to go after your yarn too much. He was a little terror whenever i had my knitting out in front of him hehe.
    Jaywalker is the one i looked at i believe when you were showing me the heel turn. I really did love the feel and texture of that yarn. Definitely on my list of things to purchase next! The Sockapaloooza sock looks ace as well!!!

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