Hello darlings!

Well, I feel like I’ve been a bit absent this week. The big day was on Friday, so I’ve had a weekend full of non-knitting activities, including pub teas, drinking, pub teas, a bit more drinking, a walk to the farm shop with two empty rucksacks, a walk back down with two full rucksacks, and a trip to Manchester shopping yesterday where we only visited 4 shops in total in a 5 hour trip (guess which ones? Primark, New Look, Schuh and Debenhams. And a food court). Was FAB. I’ve had lovely gifts, lovely cards, and work decorated the lending counter and my desk with posters, balloons and banners and a little Bagpuss. Unfortunately the posters mainly comprised of photos of me that DB had sneaked them without me knowing, and they were largely pics of me with alcohol… Luckily, everyone was very nice and told me I don’t look 30, which made me feel much better 😀 If you are all very good, I’ll take pics of the posters for your amusment.
That means the cardi will not be finished by Thursday, naturally 😉 Nor will anything else. BUT, Shona’s sister has had a little baby boy and the bunny and socks have gone to him to keep him warm and happy 😀 And the Great Tit chicks in our garden nestbox have fledged today too! What a wonderful way to get no knitting done 🙂 I’d best make the most of my afternoon… 😉 Photos of the chicks are on Flickr here if you want to get all warm and fuzzy inside 😀

7 thoughts on “Hello darlings!”

  1. Happy belated birthday!!! I’m so glad you had a great day! I’ll be on my best behavior to get to see the posters!! I promise! 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday, young lady – wish I could remember the 3-0 instead of hitting the big 4-3, sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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