Out of hiding

Ok, ok, so I am still here 😉 But barely, admittedly. Last week at work was horrendous, as we are having a complete refurb of the floor I work on, and we had to spend the week moving the services up to the next floor in a relatively tiny workspace. The layout in the temp area is great, but working and keeping the service open while moving has been an absolute pain and has kept us absolutely shattered (which was not helped by the fact that the weather and a drunk disturbed my sleep for 3 nights, each one being the night before a big moving stage with lots of physical labour) 🙁
BUT, to make up for the absence, I have piccies 😀
First up, a purchase that until I received it, I’d forgotten all about it. Here we have some gorgeous White Willow sock yarn (from Etsy), in the very very me colourway of Medicine Woman, a lovely blend of pinks and purples. Yummy and very pretty. These will need a supergirly pattern…
And here are the pics of the finished sockapaloooza socks 😀
Just to remind you, these are made from The Knittery Merino Cashmere sock yarn in the Orchid colourway. Quite a few people have expressed an interest in a pattern, and I can confirm that there will be one available a) when I’ve written it up and b) had someone (i.e. Rebecca ;D) check it. It will be on Facebook on the ‘Sock Knitters Anonymous’ group, and will be limited to group members, so if you are interested contact me and I’ll tell you how to find and join the group. There are lots of cool sock knitters there with lovely piccies all over the place so go looksie!
In other news, I’ve been doing a TON of knitting, catching up with the Ram’s Horn cardi, pattern testing for Sylvie on the Plumetis cardi (pics to follow when it doens’t look like a big scrunched up mess on my Denise circs), and Ravelry has played a teeny tiny part on the amount of time I’ve had. I’m STILL debating whether to add any of the older projects seeing as they aren’t on Flickr, and would take a huge amount of time to upload. And socks naturally 🙂
Ok, I’m knackered (I have a lot of sleep to catch up on still), and have the sock and stash pics to add to Ravelry, and blogs to read and a message to send (I owe millions of emails 🙁 Sorry guys 🙁 ) so I’m going while I can still see!

7 thoughts on “Out of hiding”

  1. The pair look good Bry! I think I’m gonna use some Fleece Artist merino I’ve got in Amethyst to test knit them. That sucks about work. Hope everything gets wrapped up and back to normal so you can sleep! 😉

  2. Thanks for the kind comments you left on my blog. The socks are gorgeous. I can see why you like that yarn you bought. It’s pretty and girly – Glad my sister won’t see it because I’d have to go get some and start something for her, too.

  3. they are super gorgeous socks!!! I love the new yarn and also the name is totally cool. Can’t wait to see what you make out of it – very, very pretty.

  4. Lovely, Lovely! So… how do I get into the Sock Knitters Anonymous clan? That pattern looks just right for some yarn I know…
    Sorry about work!

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