Oooooo, that was a bad miss!

Yes, that time has come again to misquote some fabulous BBC comedy stuff in relation to some knitting. In actual fact it was a near miss in relation to a certain Jaywalker sock and 2, yes 2! dpns falling out of said sock, followed rapidly by a 3rd when I pulled the sock out of my bag 🙁 I was all set to frog when I saw the big loose threads of yarn from the last row mixing with more big loose threads from a couple of other rows too. Luckily, in spite of the shock, I managed to remember that if I was good I could frog less than I’d worked that day and save it with some very very careful, non-booze assisted manoevering of dpns into those tiny mohair tinged loops. Phew.
Similarly, the day after, I went to try on Sylvie’s Plumetis so far, and in the excitement of carefully fitting myself into the sleeves, lost a ton of sts off one end of the circ. And it was a big circ too :S Again, saved rapidly with some non-choccy influenced rescue work.
Today I’ve had half a pint of pear cider and some butterscotch Green and Blacks and have lost no sts whatsoever in any kind of dangerous knitting accident, and thus have not needed any careful non-consumption related rescue operations. Just goes to show, doesn’t it?
Pictures of an unfinished Plumetis very very soon. By the end of the weekend, I promise 🙂

2 thoughts on “Oooooo, that was a bad miss!”

  1. :- Unlucky! Hopefully you have had your quota of bad luck for this month/year now though 😀 xx

  2. Pear Cider. Methinks you mean Perry 😉
    Losing stitches off the end of the needle is something I dread, I am so bad at picking them back up

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