What I’ve been doing this weekend…

A story in pictures.
1) A finished Plumetis.
I love this. It is a cardi, but I haven’t managed to flatten the button band yet 🙁 This is entirely my own fault, and not that of the pattern (I rushed to finish it so altered the button band). It fits like a dream (there is no action shot because of both the afore mention band issue, and the fact that the weather won’t stop being miserably so I can’t get a decent shot with any detail), even while I’m at the bottom of the size bracket I tested, but it will still fit the top of the size bracket with no problems thanks to Sylvie’s careful maths and construction. I don’t think it will be very long before it goes on line at Chez Plum. The completed tests look fab so go check out her blog for more 🙂
2) One of the patterns from Debbie Bliss’s Baby Cashmerino 2 made for Shona’s nephew, Miles 🙂 I love this cardi. It took less than a week to make too! Much better than the sock pattern (where the seam and stripes made for some very bulky socks).
3) I bought things.
There are 7 hanks of Mist and 10 of Catkin in Rowan Rowanspun DK from the Cucumber Patch. It was on sale at £1.50 a hank and arrived within 28 hours of me ordering 😀 What more could you ask for?! The Mist is claimed for one of the Rowan Studio patterns (I’m subbing for Felted Tweed, and figured that a tenner for a cardi I’m not sure will come out that great is fine by me). The Catkin will go towards one of my own ideas, and will either be a tunic sweater with puffed up cuffs, or a fitted cardigan with lots of rib detail and a little belt.
Oh, and one last thing I’ve been up to, along with a zillion other people this weekend.
P.S Our broadband connection is currently appalling thanks to the pants that is Virgin Media 🙁 This post should have take 15 mins to set up, but has taken almost an hour thanks to the sporadic connection (DB has some error logs that see the connection failing once every minute or so at the moment, if not more often. And it costs a FORTUNE to phone them for support, so we can only email from work :/ At least we have that I suppose!). I can’t upload to Ravelry, and I can’t email anyone at all because I can’t get onto Hotmail. I hope that you don’t have any viewing problems on here and that none of the photos are messed up or anything :/

6 thoughts on “What I’ve been doing this weekend…”

  1. Wow, thanks for the pic, it looks so nice ! Can’t wait for an action shot now.. ;-P
    Also, your plumetis seem so evenly spaced, we’ll have to chat about that…
    Sorry about your connection pbs, ..at least it all seems fine seen from here !
    Talk to you soon, hope you’re enjoying your week-end !

  2. That cardi is so beautiful! I’m sorry that the button band isn’t exactly as you wanted but I’m sure you can fix it!!!
    I love the baby sweater too! So cute!
    I too spent all day yesterday with Harry. I finished it up at 2am last night.
    No spoilers from me though! 😉

  3. The post looks fine to me!
    That yarn is yummy, I am very glad that I didn’t know about those offers, as I have spent too much on stash already lately (2 lots of wool are put aside for me)
    The baby cardi is gorgeous, and the one for you looks good too. I am looking forward to the action shot. I have started working on my jumper again. It might even be finished for winter 😉
    Sorry to hear about your connection woes, and I hope you enjoyed Harry Potter. I am on the waiting list at the library, as I refused to spoil my set of paperbacks by buying the hardback!

  4. Awwww…I love the baby cardi! That is so precious! That’s one thing I wish I would have made for Eli…but he’s got some reeeeally cool socks! ;P

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