A very quick one!

I’m just posting a little update before I enter into the mother of all Heroes marathons so I can finish the series this weekend 😀 Joe has been sitting on me lots this weekend, which has delayed my plans for finishing some knits off, but I can tell you that the Plumetis cardi I was testing is finished, and is still drying after blocking (2 days and it isn’t dry yet! That’s what happens when you knit with cotton and have crumby weather). The Ram’s Horn cardi is on its way to being finished too, as I’m halfway through knitting the sleeves, both at the same time for the first time. It was a bit of a pain at first, but I can now see exactly why people do it that way! I’m also churning out baby clothes for all those recently created babies 🙂 I’ve found a very cute sandal pattern with help from Ravelry so there will be a few people getting some of those 😀
Finally, Ruth at Roo Knitting and I have been chatting about sock yarns, as you do, and we decided to swap some yarns the other hadn’t used before so that we could have a chance to try before we buy. I’ve sent my goodies off to Ruth and should get mine soon, but we were thinking it could be a really cool way to get a lot of people trying stuff without too much pain. We have no idea how we’d do this, but if anyone is interested in participating in swapping leftover mini skeins of yarns of any weight, let us know. We’ll come up with something later on with luck 🙂 See you soon with some pics hopefully! And cross your fingers for me having enough Andean Silk to finish the cardi off (6 balls left, 8.5″ per ball on the sleeve, and I’ve just connected the second ball for each sleeve. By my very rough brain powers, that makes just over 4 balls to make the collar and ‘button bands’, so it might be close…).

3 thoughts on “A very quick one!”

  1. hope you enjoy Heroes – we’re on a Space Above and Beyond marathon atm. Seriously considering some more knitting practice, beginning to annoy me that most of the decent patterns I’m finding are knitting – don’t seem to be any sensible crochet clothes patterns out there.

  2. I hope you have enough yarn – I hate knitting away worrying there isn’t enough! Fingers crossed.

  3. I missed the start of Heroes last time, so am going to catch it on BBC2.
    Move likely off. Staying here 🙁
    Should be getting new stash soon 🙂

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