Managing yourself.

That’s the name of a workshop I once attended. It was ok, but a lot of it was about redirecting other people who kept ignoring the fact you had to work and just chatting away and disrupting your time. I have that person in my life in my knitting, and that person is me. I have way too many things to knit, way too many ideas, and tend to cast on for something new as comfort knitting when I get stressed about all the other things I have to make 😉 My list at the side is a slight lie, as I have 2 other pairs of socks, pirate mittens and a baby blanket… If it helps, the latter two are gifts and are essential knits now. All these projects have given me a kick up the arse – Ruth R was saying that she doesn’t know how I can have so many things on the go, but trust me I don’t enjoy it. I’ve taken Pippa out of hibernation, and have worked out that I can finish the knitting for her in about 10 hours. I figure that if I work on her and the cardi collar, the two big-ish projects will be out of the way, and then I can concentrate on getting my gift knitting done so I guestimate about a week of knitting to get both finished and out the way.
I hereby solemnly swear that I will not cast on for anything new until Pippa and Ram are finished. I will only cast on for one thing, and it will be gift knitting (and a small gift knit at that). The next part of the plan will be to finish the new gift knit and the mittens (they are the most urgent for timing). The mittens will take quite a while, but I can tell I’ll only be able to work on them at home, and perhaps with a podcast in my ears because of the need to look at what I’m doing, but the gift knit won’t take long as I said, so once that is finished, I can concentrate on cutting down on the socks. I might allow myself to start something PS2.0 related then. I have lots of plans for those, but one in particular is a quick knit and is already on the WiPs list, so I’ll start with that, I’m guessing at least 2 weeks from now before I can start that.
BUT, all this amounts to a plan of action, and is a start, regardless of the time scale. And after that, who knows. I still have big plans for some Rowan Wool Cotton in my stash… Sadly, regardless it means no pics this weekend. Unless I finish something 😉

2 thoughts on “Managing yourself.”

  1. I get like this sometimes… especially with present knitting. I realise there is no where near enough time in the evening/weekend/life for all the knitting crammed inside my head.
    But then I remember that knitting should be fun, and you should be able to knit what you want, so I do.
    That is why I cast on for the Mystery Stole this morning in my new Malabrigo lace weight (amazingly soft and lovely) on the train down to London instead of doing the (boring) st stitch for Lauren’s birthday tank top. I am obviously not feeling the deadline pressure yet!
    Make sure you enjoy your knitting this weekend – and don’t go and look at the new Rowan books, because then even more things will get added to your wishlist.
    P.S. You are right, there are too many knitters called Ruth and I am the luckiest sock pal in the world :0)

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