An update

Ok, if I frog a sock, does that give me the right to start a new sock? I’m already itching to cast on for something else :S I really really really want to start some Monkeys with STR Cobblestone County. REALLY want to start some. I’ve frogged some Charade socks in Posh Yarn Emily because the colourway didn’t quite pull in the pattern. Both the yarn and pattern are fab, but just together, they didn’t work, and I want to find an alternative with a BIG strong pattern really. I think. Ack I really need to clamp down, but I can’t help it! They are calling, calling, calling. I think I will do what Ruth says and just cast on for it 😀 What is the point if I don’t enjoy myself, as Rebecca has quite rightly said?! 😉
Oh, and to make up for the lack of knitting pics, and to satisfy Rebecca seeing as she has enabled me to be who I am, here is a cat picture. I haven’t talked too much about Joe really, but he is the most affectionate cutiepie the world has ever seen 😀 He doesn’t appreciate me using the laptop, so I often have to break off typing posts early while he comes to take over my lap. He then proceeds to mulch for England (he’s practicing for the Olympics – sometimes he mulches for at least 10 mins, looks like he might fall asleep then gets a second wind and begins again). Then, the cunning little bugger, he starts to lean towards one side while against my chest so that I am forced to bring up my arm and catch him. He’s too heavy to hold up, so I end up cradling him like a baby, while he lies on his back, his legs in the air, purring away happily and looking at me as if, well, as if he’s got the cream 🙂
He also models, as you can see below.
(Cath – he’s very happy as you can see, but I’m sure he misses you. Chicken and ham help him a lot, as does the brush we got for him, but he still misses you).
And to stop this from being a ‘I own a cat and he will feature in all my posts’ kind of blog (not that there is anything wrong with that, but I am in danger of doing nothing but cat posts and discarding all knitting), here is a pic of the Passion Flower in our garden 🙂
I bought this plant about 3 years ago from one of the Harrogate flower shows, but this is the first summer it has bloomed successfully (and as we discovered, was different to the one on the label :S). Before the buds had always fallen off before they had fully grown, but this photo demonstrates just what the threat of re-potting can do to a plant 😉

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  1. Cast-on cast-on cast-on! I love the passionflower. Mine went mental as soon as it was put in the ground and covered my fence last summer… I hope it is doing well down in London without me. I have plans for lots of these (and sweet peas which I also love) for the trellis behind the patio which Tony is in the mists of finishing as I type. Can’t wait until I can start planting!

  2. JOE!!!!! Aw he’s so so pretty! And him getting you to cradle him like a baby is exactly what he used to do with us as well…But he knows he can get away with it if he just gives you “that look” hehe.
    And you’ve bought him a brush? I bet he’s the best groomed cat in Huddersfield 😀 Have you used those clippers at all to take the edge off his claws when he’s mulching?

  3. That is the most fantastic flower that I have ever seen!
    Love the puss – he is a fine one. Shall I send him some ham to sooth his soul?
    BTW: I unpacked the socks that you knit for me. I cherish them and look foward to wearing them again in a few months. Can I have the pattern link please?

  4. Hi, I Just came across your blog, and I give you the thumbs up to cast on for another pair of socks, STR is in my opinion the bestest sock yarn, and will look fabulous in the monkey pattern! I love your picture of Joe, and I agree he is a cutiepie, and don’t worry about blogging with more cat pictures, they are lovely to see! Good luck with the Monkey socks!

  5. OF COURSE you can cast on new socks. It’s a rule at my house. Socks get counted the same way big things do. What a beautiful cat! If my girls knew they were cats I’m sure they’d be knocking down your door. The flower is amazing. My garden consists of two tubs of pansies. Anything more than that is beyond me.

  6. Never knit anything you don’t enjoy! Cast on what you want! Your cat is so lovely and so is the passionflower. Ours have done really well this yaer too.

  7. Joe is absolutely adoreable! Definitely more cat photos on your blog.
    Best of luck with Ram’s Horn Jacket. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product and pleased my notes were of some assistance. I loved knitting RHJ, but haven’t worn it yet as it was sent off to an exhibition in Canberra until September. It will be too hot to wear by the time it is returned, but I’ll have it for next year! Hex coat from the same book is next on the winter knitting list, but I’ll not do that until after xmas now as the weather is already warming here in Sydney.
    Meg from has just completed the Hex coat and it looks fabulous!
    Enjoy your working week and the cooler weather coming your way. I’m a little envious as you’ll get to wear your RHJ, so enjoy!

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