Ok, two things before I fall into the bath and then fall asleep (gym+long day at work with early start= knackered etc :S).
1) The stupid mail sorters strike has thoroughly ensured that the parcel I suspect is from my sockapalooooza is still waiting for my greedy little paws in spite of them trying to deliver it on Tuesday.
2) Everyone in the UK run over to They have Knit Picks knitting needles!!!!! :O :O :O Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo my… I’m gobsmacked 😀 They have circs that would be perfect for sock knitting too in those awkward 1/4 cm US sizes for very reasonable prices 😀 YAY!
Normal service will resume once I’ve spent all my wage and have stopped sulking about being outbid on some Natural Dye Studio Merino Tencel sock yarn. Oh, and I will answer all your comments and send all my long overdue emails this weekend too. Apparently Joe really brought the lurkers out 😀 But he is a babe.
All this excited unplanned blogging is eating into my shopping and knitting time.
[runs away to lust some more]

4 thoughts on “Gasp!”

  1. I didn’t need to know that!!!
    But I am going yarn shopping on monday with my Mum, so I have to be good before then.
    Then I will have stash photos!

  2. YOU EVIL TEMPTRESS! I just ordered some more Addis, but I’m concerned that I’ve not even had an acknowledgement. Hmm. And I hear those KnitPicks needles are fantastic. ARGH!

  3. Oooh, I really want some Knitpicks needles. I am going to order some very soon.
    Hope your shopping and knitting was rewarding!

  4. I’d seen the kint picks options at Get Knitted too. It is so hard to resist! The mail strike has stopped me getting my hands on the wool I ordered to take on holiday. How can they do this to us?!

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