Ho hum

Well, I’m still not quite finished on Pippa or the Ram’s Horn cardi. The collar is about 2/3 done as of typing, and the bag has one piece left to knit, so neither will be long. I was supposed to have a knit filled evening Friday night with a friend who needed help with some booties, but we ended up drinking, eating, watching silly films and the Mighty Boosh (series two for those who know. “Neil Armstrong, walking on my face” :D). We managed approximately 8 rows of bootie which were ripped back after a drunken error, and the cast on for a baby cardi, which was also ripped out because it had lost stitches by the morning (like my second Anastasia sock which had 2 mistakes in the last half inch or so, so I’ve gone 1 step forward and 2 back :S). Oops! Anyway, the collar is perhaps the most dragging piece of knitting I’ve done in a long time. It requires concentration, but is super boring once you get halfway through the increases. I’ve made a little mistake but refuse to rip back as there has been too much of that this weekend, and it isn’t really noticable. I have a straight-ish run to the end now, and then it can be finished off. Looks like I might just have enough yarn though 😀 Hoorah! Because of the stupid boring collar, the easy peasy st st of the bag is much appreciated right now – knitting I can do without thinking! And the socks are quite happy 🙂 The STR is of course pooling but it looks pretty.
There are also some accidental purchases on the way… Oops! And some more coming up soon no doubt, given that I’ll be knitting a cardi for someone at work for their birthday pressie (it is a very very special birthday), and we’ll be visiting Coldspring for supply hunting 😀 Yay!
And, I’m thinking of joining Socktopia too, particularly given the cool chart for the mystery sockalong… 😀 If you haven’t seen it yet, they are issuing a new part of the pattern every Monday, so I might catch up by the end of the month if I leg it!