Harumph and Hoorah!

Ok, a couple of little tales to tell today…
1) The Harumph.
My Brittany 4.5mm needles from Minneapolis have split. I’m in mourning for them, as they were so comfy to work with 🙁 And the poorly one is seriously split from the point in a straight line up the centre – so bizarre! Has anyone else seen this in their Brittanys?
I’m going to have to look for another pair now, as 4.5 are probably my most size apart from the sock ones… Harumph? Harumph indeed.
2) Hoorah A
I’ve been named a Rockin’ Girl Blogger by BlueADT, who herself indeed rocks. She has the best sock yarn ever, and shares many Coldspring lovely finds yum yum. She was very very lovely about me, but she is lovely too so there 🙂 I’m a bit thick at this, but I believe I’ll need to tag some more people? I must also add that I do indeed rock, as last night I was at the gym (is it me or has Homer Simpson completely altered the pronunciation of gym? :D), busy knackering myself out, listening to (amongst others) Goldfrapp, Interpol (I so wish I could see them at Reading/Leeds, oh my they are on BBC3 as I type and ooooooooh, they are lovely, especially Carlos), Beth Orton (the extended version of Carmella is fab for the treadmill – by the time the track is finished, you are too :D), Gonzales, the Editors and the Amps. I rocked out 🙂 I will label other people who rock imminently…
3) Hoorah B
The eagerly anticipated (by Facebookers) information about something that occurred earlier this week. Monday I found out I had an internal interview for a post in one of the subject teams. The interview was Wednesday. I spent the whole time from Monday to Wednesday in a nervous panic. Weds I went into the interview with an empty belly and horrific nerves, and managed to calm myself enough to get through in one piece, be enthusiastic, joke, and have as lovely a time as I could in an interview, however informal or formal! And, funnily enough, I landed the job 🙂
I’ll be starting on the 3rd, working half my hours on lending still, with the other half spent in the subject team (they look after a huge range of subjects – applied sciences, art and design, computing and engineering, hospitality and tourism). It is a temporary post, for a year, but it could lead to all kinds of good things, including enough experience to apply for more senior posts at the end of it. It is a FAB opportunity to gather experience in all the cool things librarians do, with an amazing team including two of my mates. And I’ll have a pink chair, which is obviously very important.
So I’m feeling quite pleased with myself 😉 Oh, and DB is going to have a paper published too 😀 Hoorah!
Naturally after all this, I’ve done very little knitting, and half had the most exhausting week ever ever. Tonight will be wine, a little baby knitting, and Reading/Leeds (which disturbs me – festival goers now seem far too clean and ‘trendy’ compared to 10 years ago :S Oooh Kate Moss and Peaches Geldof have a lot to answer for. No Top Shop gear in sight in my day! 😉 ).
On this note I’ll go and wait for something a bit more interesting than the Gossip on the tv. Ooo! The new series of the IT Crowd starts tonight 😀 Yay! What a perfect week! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Harumph and Hoorah!”

  1. Congrats on the job and that must mean some new needles to celebrate surely? Sorry to hear about the split needle – maybe a weakness in that wood – can you email them (I vaguely remember hearing they sometimes replace broken ones but can’t remember conditions relating), we are happy with the return of the IT crowd too it is one of the porgrammes that people either get or don’t (like the green wing) and we love it.

  2. My brittany needles have done that! When I mentioned it in a yarn store they acted like I was crazy and they had never heard of them splitting (mine were just on the tips). But she said that the company will replace them. this blog post http://knitting.xaviermusketeer.com/?p=908 has a lot of information on getting replacements from different companies.

  3. Congrats on the new job!!
    One of my Brittany DPNs broke earlier this summer and I got a replacement from them pretty quick (it was actually sent out from a place in Reading – I expected it to come from the States and take ages). Info on getting the needle replaced is here – http://www.brittanyneedles.com/bkguar.html. They didn’t ask for proof, but I suspect they keep a record so you can’t get a set for free 😉

  4. Yes I broke a Brittany on its first outing – I blamed the fact it was a 2mm. I heard they replace them free but didn’t know how to arrange – thanks Shannon!

  5. Yay for the new job! How excellent! Oh & a big Yay for DB as well! You guys are a wealth of happy news (you like how I’m glossing over that tragic needle split).

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