Stash attack!

Oh, and also, my RHJ is finished! Anyone care to find me a nice simple dark toned shawl pin to fasten it?
It is an awful photo – the mirror is dustier than dust, and the only way to get a decent shot of yourself is to cover the collar with the camera in the mirror view! Many apologies for that. You know, in spite of the trouble, and in spite of the pattern errors, and in spite of the horrors of the almost run out of yarn, and in spite of the way the lace has gone a bit weird and ruffles up (I don’t know if that was my blocking or because the yarn is a bit fuzzy and doesn’t really provide much definition), I am utterly in love with this cardi. I used up ALL the Knit Picks Andean Silk for this. ALL of it. There was literally nothing left except the bits I clipped off from weaving in. This cardi should never have worked. You guys were mainly against knitting it, the pattern has caused so many problems for its knitters that they have had to construct a way of making it work, and the fit and style of it was never really something that would be appropriate for my body shape and size, but in the end it is comfy, warm, soft and cosy, and the collar adds such a lovely point of interest. I wanted something I could wear at work in the winter, and that would be something I could snuggle into when the chills set in, and it will do exactly that, with just that little bit of elegance. I’m happy. And as I say, I just need that shawl pin now! Pavi yarns have some lovely ones, so there may be even more spending before pay day comes!
One last thing – I’ve updated my projects list to be a little more accurate… It is scary. Be warned. 3 pairs of socks, one bag, one blanket, a baby cardi, and several things on hold. Just a couple of little things to finish and I’ll let myself start Wispy again. I really really really really need something a little more challenging than garter and stocking stitch right now though 🙁 I’m boring myself. If I finish the bag and the baby cardi next that would be great! I switched my Monkeys to Poms, by the way, as I had a brain wave and realised that the Poms have more sts so the pooling would probably be a bit less and more like striping. So far it looks like it is working. Expect more finished stuff for next weekend. She says, crossing her fingers.
[edited to add] Oops! The top yarn is Natural Dye Studio Mirage (a merino tencel blend) in Aqua Lime 🙂 Can you believe that even now I am considering buying more sock yarn? I don’t have enough solids, and in spite of my tirade against Colinette Jitterbug, I am seriously considering investing in some of the nearly solid yarn… I’ll be good and not spend yet though…

10 thoughts on “Stash attack!”

  1. The cardi turned out great, I like the collar a lot. Also, that is a butt load of Debbie Bliss silk!! What are you going to make with it?

  2. It is gorgeous and why not make a pin? Claires accessories have hair pins, get one of those and wrap some glitzy beads around:)
    love the yarn BTW, what is first one?

  3. I don’t think that is an awful photo – you look gorgeous! Love the knit, it is stunning and you are right to need a suitable pin of equal gorgeousness! Have you seen the perl grey pewter pins on Woollyworkshop? (I am smitten with the big leaf at the bottom of the list – but they are all lovely). They are divine and very classy. Failing that email me and I’ll send you some pins – I have just got into beading and there are these wonderful kilt pins with loops to attach beads too and I am obssessed! Seriously email me.
    The yarn as usual is also gorgeous – you pick such pretty ones, the Debbie Bliss stuff is such a yummy colour and as for the one at the top – ooooh

  4. hey wow! That cardi looks really Edwardian Lady-ish! You saw something in that pattern that I just didn’t see – it’s lovely!
    Ooh yes- definitely up for a leftovers swop with the merino tencel!

  5. MMMMM! I love! Especially the purple pure silk. That stuff is like liquid gold, I swear. And I love your new cardie. The collar is fab. I say go all out and get a wild shawl pin for it, it would be stunning!

  6. I just stumbled across your blog and am quite taken with it! The cardie is gorgeous (and my favorite color). I used to crochet as a kid; now am wanting to take up knitting and very excited about the patterns available. Any suggestions for a newbie knitter?

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