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I was going to blog about having no knitting worth showing you as it is all either minimal or boring. BUT, I progressed rapidly on some stranded knitting today 🙂 I can’t show you it though 🙁 The recipient has been known for popping in here and I don’t want to spoil it. So, slowly but surely I’m progressing towards finishing the big pile of things in the basket, or at least knocking a couple of projects of the list so I can start something else.
Given that I have no photos for you (although some might pop up on Ravelry seeing as the recipient definitely won’t be going on there), I figured I’d make a list of plans once I’ve finished the bits and pieces in the basket.
1) Ms Marigold in kind of an plum purple Sublime Angora Merino. Yeah it will shed everywhere on my t-shirts and stuff, but it will be warm and cute. Especially if Heather’s is anything to go by 🙂
2) Some swingy cardis. I have a few of these in wardrobe at the mo, and yeah, they aren’t supposed to look that great on girls with lots up front, or indeed, just lots, but the ones I have I love, and I’ve had lots of compliments on them (particularly a red lacy number from Dorothy Perkins, which I plan to copy at some point too :D). I want to make these while they are still in fashion if possible 😉
3) Lots and lots of socks. I have SO much sock yarn now. Soooo much. I dare not even put it all on Ravelry it is that extensive… Besides, I have those lovely KnitPicks DPNs to try out!
4) Lace things. I enjoyed making the wrap for Sue’s wedding so much, that I’d like to make more wraps that could plausibly be used as scarves.
5) More stranded knitting. Some mittens, some fair isle sweater vests, that kind of thing. Anything that has a kitchy countryside value.
Ok, I’m off to work on my Poms seeing as they are supposed to be finished this month. They’ll be a nice break from mad stranded knitting hurrying scariness. I’m intrigued to know what plans everyone else has, for gift knitting for the holidays and just general winter sweater loveliness. You all know I like to join in 😉

7 thoughts on “Nothing to see here”

  1. Socks, socks and more socks!
    Do you find that you get less comments when you don’t have photos? I do!
    You will enjoy the KnitPicks needles.

  2. I want to see your stranded knitting! I on’t have any plans to knit for others this holiday, although that might change! My winter knitting is my Venezia. I don’t think that I will fit anything else in!

  3. Hey mama!! I just noticed on your sidebar, that you’ve got your Faux cabled socks in Cherry Tree Hill Glitz Gypsy Rose, on the needles 🙂 I am so looking forward to seeing/hearing about how they turn out- that yarn was so interesting to me (hopefully to you too!)
    Big hugs to you~

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