I need help.

Well, let’s face it, you already knew that. But I need help in deciding what to knit next. Regardless of gift knitting, the only way I can currently pull myself through the stuff that is lingering and WON’T go away is to think about what to do when I have the time. You’ve already seen the list of things I’d like to do in general. And some eagle eyed readers may have noticed that the everlasting knit that was Pippa is all knitted up and just needs sewing, felting and sewing again (hoorah! At last!). And the secret baby knitting is plodding along. The stranded knitting is starting again from scratch though 🙁 which probably isn’t all that bad a piece of news as I could do with more practice and it only took a weekend to make one with some solid knitting and lots of Lost on the tv…
But I digress a little. Here is some of the stuff I want to make next, but can’t fix upon.
1) Juliet from Zephyr Style. Very cute. Adaptable. The yarn is in the stash (bulky black 100% wool that I keep promising to all kinds of projects and just not getting to it). It would be a quick knit, which naturally draws me towards it the way things are at the mo.
2) Wispy by Kim Hargreaves. I got the kit some time ago, and started it, but ended up frogging thanks to poor gauge. I think I’ve got it down now, but I have to actually start knitting it again, and be prepared for some serious moss stitch.
3) Rowan Chrissie. Another one I have the yarn for. I love the way the finished garment looks, and the one I’ve linked to (Juliet’s gorgeous version), just makes me want to knit it more. BUT, it is 4 ply, and I’m not sure I can stand to knit something full sized at a fine gauge right now. But it is sooo cute! And it would be a lovely work jumper! Sigh.
4) Ms Marigold, another Zephyr style pattern, and another one I want to make to wear at work if it works out. I have Sublime Angora Merino in a plum for this, which I figure will be a good all round colour for every occassion, even if the yarn will shed. Probably another reasonably quick jobbie.
I think that’s it for now. There is loads more stuff on the wish list, and I just bought a ton more of the Sublime Angora Merino because Beatties where I bought it is closing its haberdashery dept 🙁 but is selling everything off with a 25% discount 🙂 I got a mix of mid blue and some cream, thinking I could make something with a little stranded knitting again, just as a bog standard sweater. No doubt that will change soon enough ;D
Sooooo, what do you reckon is the best choice? Stash busting or speed (although all the knits already have yarn allocated!)? Technically interesting or finished product? Gimme some help!
[edited to add] Bahhh. Just had to frog back my second pom sock seeing as I started knitting the second repeat at row 12. Ahem. I refuse to change the % counter, but I will not be casting on again tonight. It can wait, even if I should be finishing the pair this month to submit them to the sock KAL… Grr. Oh, and I really really really want to splash out and try some Sundara sock yarn… If I bought two hanks it would work out at 15 quid a hank including postage – that’s not bad compared to fancy yarns available here. Honest guv.

7 thoughts on “I need help.”

  1. I vote to start with Juliet – then you will have the satisfaction of finishing something quickly. I would be tempted to cast on for Rowan Chrissie at the same time – it is beautiful and would look amazing. You could have this for your long term project.
    Once you have finished Juliet you could cast on for Wispy or Ms Marigold. Personally I couldn’t stand all that moss stitch – even though it looks great. It would really make me learn to knit continental! Ms Marigold was a really quick knit even for me (even though it wasn’t for me hence, it was in a very small size) however there is NO seaming -so when it is finished, it is finished and wearable – a definite bonus there. I am thinking about making one for me in some alpaca I have as it would be toasty warm for work.
    HTH! Ps. Have woken up a bit, but that was kinda inforced as work has been manic and I’m still here (but obviously not working!)

  2. Definately Juliet …. there is nothing better than knitting something that will give you the satisfaction of being a quick finisher! Then finish all theh other stuff that is on the needles, then choose something you really want to knit!!

  3. Ooo, I’m going to have to be a joiner, here, but I’m voting for Juliet! It should be quick (and it’s so cute!), and then you can be on to something else (with a lovely FO!)

  4. Definately start with Juliet.
    Then Wispy because well… it’s Kim Hargreaves. Plus, it’s a kit so you don’t have to deliberate about yarn subs and all that junk. Just start knitting. 🙂

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