Well, you certainly picked out a pattern for me 🙂 I’m just watching 12 Angry Men (the original one) and am tempted to play devil’s advocate and try and persuade you to reconsider, but given that I agree with you, I’m not going to bother 😉
So, in order to get to the point where I can cast on for Juliet guilt free, I’ve promised myself that I’ll work on 3 projects each night – the secret knitting, some baby gifty knitting, and my poms. There will be about an hour each (but more likely 2 hours on 2 projects and half an hour on the baby knitting as it isn’t as urgent), and as I can manage an inch of knitting on the stranded one in an hour, and probably about the same on the poms, there is hope that I’ll have something to show you this weekend, then something again the weekend after, and a new project on the go.
And there are some definite more urgent personal knits in the queue now. I REALLY have to get some mittens, hand warmers and knee socks made, because today the office was freezing cold and my legs, feet and hands were all chilled to the bone, while the rest of me was shivery, and everyone was adding extra layers on. Autumn is officially here people.
Thanks for all your help guys 🙂

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