Ooooh baby…

Yet another week where I have been busy outside of work and haven’t been able to knit (not even at lunchtime! Not even a bit!) until Friday night 🙁 Which naturally means I don’t have any progress to speak of at all. Well, I do, but I’m not showing 😉
So why am I posting? Because I got a parcel in the post on Friday 😀 I was worried it might not show up – the nearest sorting office was on a wildcat strike until Weds night, something I didn’t realise when I went shopping online and sent off several late birthday presents (one of which has a confirmed arrival thank goodness. I have a sneaky feeling the flat present won’t arrive now but fingers crossed). Once I found that out, I had a terrible feeling that my parcel wouldn’t arrive this week when I actually felt the need for it, or that something would happen to it like the wrapping would be all ripped and things missing and so on and so forth paranoia paranoia can you do the fandango etc etc.
Yet, when I got home from work, I had the best parcel ever (till the next one ;D). I ordered some Dream in Color Smooshy and some rosewood 3.25mm sock needles from Socktopus. Socktopus rock big time. They put BIG socktopus stickers on everything, and have their own tissue paper 😀 LOOK!
It is so pretty! Alice sent a little message and put free things inside the parcel 😀 Like rinse free wool wash (and you all know how much I like to be lazy and not rinse my handknits, and how there isn’t much available here) and little different flavoured gums. Not just any old gums, but grape and wine flavoured shaped in big hearts 😀 I need to find them in real shopping life… And then of course, the yarn. The yarn.
Tasty stuff eh? And it IS smooshy and squishy and sproingy. And there is lots of it. I would guess that there would be enough for a fancy pair (i.e. lots of stitch pattern and cabling and stuff) and for a simpler shorter legged pair. 450 yds is a lot of sock yarn. I suspect the mojo will come back the moment I wind this skein into a couple of cakes. I best wait till some stuff is off the needles though so that I keep my inspiration low and finish things off and that should make sure I enjoy this yarn to the full. Nevertheless, I’m still thinking about what to knit in it. Bayerische will be too fine a gauge I think, so one of the fancier Cookie A patterns. Or Marina Piccola. And some charades too…

6 thoughts on “Ooooh baby…”

  1. That is really really pretty yarn. But I am not shopping for any. Nope. I’m not. Not after buying the yarn for Clapotis for my sister. And also I am going to the US in November – get your order in! 😉

  2. OMG, that yarn is gorgeous! I could be jealous but something good is coming my way:D
    Your little treat went out last Monday. I do hope it gets to you sooner than later.

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