Another pair done.

Hmm. I don’t have very much to say today, except that I’m still plugging away at the stuff on the needles, and seem to add little things here and there along the way(a child’s pair of mittens for one thing, but super quick to knit up, and a swatch for the boot socks that have been waiting to be knit for a looong time).
But, progress is being made.
Here is a finished pair of socks 🙂 Cherry Tree Hill Glitz in Gypsy Rose, in a faux cable pattern, both from my Sockret Pal, Brooke.
The yarn is discontinued now, but you can still buy it in some places. It knits up quickly, and the colours remind me of Christmas, rather than gypsies or roses – that berry red, holly green and that deep royal purple. The pattern isn’t all that distinguishable in this yarn (although it is best seen flat than on the foot, hence the photo), but it does break up the way the colours stripe round the sock. The sparkly thread that runs through the yarn can be felt when you knit the yarn or touch it, but when you wear the socks, you don’t feel a thing 🙂 All in all I’m happy.
I don’t think I’ll show you Laila’s socks 50% finished just yet though. I’ll save that for when they are finished so that I can comment on my mistakes… 😉
In other news, I’ve become obsessed with finding the right skirt. I want it for work to dress up or down however I feel (working with fashion and textile students means you feel more self conscious about your clothing!), to be wearable autumn to spring, and to last, kind of a classic look with a twist so I can hold on to it for quite a long time. I’m leaning towards a couple from Boden (especially as I can get a discount until the end of this month), but there are so few nice wearable skirts right now 🙁 They are all dressy or too casual. Any other suggestions? The one I really like at Boden has box pleats in a tweed material, with a blue grey on the main panels, a soft brown inside the pleats, and a mustardy greenish shade in velvet at the bottom. It is dry clean only, but I think it might be safe for a quick dip in Soak or something like that sometimes. They also have some gorgeous inspirational knitwear… Oh, and I’m waiting for a skirt from Made with Love by Hannah to arrive as she posted it last week 🙂 So that’s one already in the wardrobe effectively. More on that when it arrives 😉

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  1. Wow! Love the socks yum yum yum. Good enough to eat, my tum says 😉 As for the skirt, I always find Bennetton a good place. Sometimes a bit hit and miss but I’ve gotten two great skirts there before. Dare I even suggest M&S?

  2. Nice socks! I am definitely after the leftovers, if you still fancy a swop? And Dream in Color too of course!!
    Skirts – yup Boden would be my suggestion if you don’t want to make your own! There’s a lovely bird-embroidered one at Saltwater (expensive), but those Made With Love ones are quite a find – oooh!

  3. Why do you get Boden discount?! I was just flipping through my catalogue and had to put it down for fear of spending lots of money.
    I think a lot of the dry clean stuff is complete rubbish. If you look at the type of material, it’s probably something that you can do yourself via a dunk in appropriate water and wash, then laying it out to dry flat. I know Grumperina had a post in the past about hand washing dry clean only items. I think there’s few things that are really dry clean only – e.g. ball gowns.

  4. Oh, the search for the elusive skirt/bag/shoes. Isn’t it terrible when you have the perfect ‘thing’ in your mind but can’t find it? I have a great skirt that is kind of tweedy and piecey and I always get compliments. My friend gave it to me when she got pregnant – it’s not something I would have bought probably, but I love it now! Great with boots.

  5. I’m drooling over some custom/handmade clothing for my 2yo on Etsy, maybe you can take a look over there… btw, those socks are lovely.

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