But only just. I swear I’ve never felt as ill in my life. I had a week of upset stomach, followed by a week of a very very nasty virus. Including the trapped nerve (which has given me aches and pains all over the place), all three make for two weeks of ‘fun’. I’m going to ask for some physio for the nerve, but the first two are much better now. Except I have a chesty cough now too.
I’m trying to keep my knitting and computer use to a minimum until I’ve had some therapy so that I don’t do any more damage to myself (should be interesting if I’m going back to work this week and use computers 99% of the time), but I am still knitting in small doses at least! There are tons of bloglines updates for me to read too :S Might just have to mark them all as read and hope I haven’t missed too much.
But I am here. Just nothing interesting to show you. Sorry! Hope you are all well and happy, and thank you again for all the wonderful comments and emails you’ve sent.

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