For the Apres Sock Swap

It was really really hard to find a favourite yarn to show my spoiler but I think I’ve got it with this one… Well, make that a couple ;D So, Golly, this is yarn that I love, that I dare not knit up yet, but can’t stop stroking while I’m making other things 😀
This is merino superwash from White Willow yarns, called Medicine Woman. It is soft, and beautifully dyed, and pretty. I love purples in particular, but this one is just so well balanced, and is as much about the fibre and texture as the colour.
Similarly, Sea Wool in Moss green is a fave because the shades are beautifully balanced, gently moving through the greens without getting away from that mossy school. And Sea Wool has a gorgeous texture – silky yet sturdy, and a dream to work with.
Finally, here is my absolute fave for colours – Piece of Beauty merino sock yarn in Robe and Bowl. This colour is no longer made, so I can’t bring myself to knit it up yet :S
The blend of purple, greys and a little greenish grey in there, they just work so well together, and it dyed in short bursts so that it won’t pool.
So I guess what I’m saying is that I like dyers who put effort and care into making their yarn work for knitters, rather than churning out bulk colours that are pretty, but don’t always work on every foot.
I’ve probably scared my spoiler to death now… Sorry petal!

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