A good week

No, I’m not knitting quite yet, but nearly am 😀 My physio on the upper body is nearly complete and all I have to do is wait for the nerve to finish healing, which shouldn’t be too long.
BUT, what a week to not be knitting! I got 3 parcels all in one week 🙂
1) Yahaira’s fantastic book, Sensual Knits 🙂 Yum yum yum! I dare not read through it too much yet, but already have plans for some knits from it…
Forgive the awful light on these pics btw – it has done nothing but rain and snow around here for 2 weeks. Mainly raining though 🙁
I took (or rather am still taking till I can complete it) part in a little sock swap organised by Abigail over at 1870pearl. I was lucky enough to receive all this and the perfect fitting socks from Guinifer. She is clearly very talented, and she got me down to a tee too with the gifts – the pretty little stitchmarkers and the yummy yarn 🙂 Thank you Guinifer!
I also took part in a little contest too, over at Prayer For Rain. If you haven’t seen her blog, go look – she does some fantastic socks and uses drool inducing yarn 🙂 Her competition was to guess where she had taken photos of Professor Cline’s Dinosaur Kingdom, a place where dinosaurs helped the cowboys win the civil war 🙂 I couldn’t not enter when she showed pics of the place – I had to know where it was 😀 These were my winnings…
Yummy! Perfect colours in the yarn, and lots of goodies too! Thank you Rahime 🙂
And indeed thank you both of you – you made my week 🙂 And thanks Amazon for finally sending me the book. I could go on, but I won’t 😉
And I may not have been knitting, but I have been doing a small amount of secret sewing… I’m testing my crafting capacity as knitting made me ache the other weekend (but I was feeling a bit crappy then anyway so maybe it wasn’t the knitting and just me being rubbish), and doing a little embroidering seemed like a good alternative. Except the cat came and sat on it and nearly spiked himself with the needle, and rubbed off a lot of what I’d transfered to the fabric with his little hairy bum 🙂 I’ll show you pics of that when it isn’t so secret anymore but I can tell you that it involves organic fabric and linen threads… Reveals absolutely nothing that 😉

9 thoughts on “A good week”

  1. glad you are a little better:) Can’t find your email but victoria lace yours:) add £3 for postage? it is extremely heavy:)

  2. Wow lucky lady you! Gorgeous socks and yarn and gifts! Glad you’re getting closer to being able to knit what with all the temptations coming through the post!

  3. What lovely things you have to show. I like the look of the Sensual knits book but I really don’t need any more books!

  4. Gorgeous stuff! I’m glad to hear you are feeling somewhat better!
    Keep the kitty away from the needles! That could get very nasty!

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