Just checking in…

I wanted to thank everyone again for your comments and support – you just keep coming back! Nice to hear from some lurkers too 😉 I’m still avoiding spending too much time on the pc so I’m still not emailing individuals right now, but I’m slowly on the mend. Kind of. I’ve got another 3 weeks of physio, but keep getting ill, which aggravates the nerve which makes me feel worse again. I had an infection which needed antibiotics last week. This week I have a cold. But I am slowly on the mend, really I am!
This blog is turning into a miserable moany place right now, so apologies for that. And I’m still not knitting. But Santa kindly brought the following knitting goodies:
Knitted Icons – absolutely hilarious 😀
Knitting New Scarves – very interesting and inspirational. I’ll use it to learn new techniques but I’m not convinced that I’d use many of the patterns as they are. It definitely makes the old scarf knitting more intriguing though!
A ball of sock yarn from Germany – Rico Design Superna Print 4ply. It looks a bit like a ball of Regia self patterning yarn, but there aren’t many pics online except for the 6 ply which doesn’t have any knitted swatches. It is kind of a mix of cream, light brown and dove grey, so nice and tweedy looking. No idea whether it will come out as faux fair isle or whether it will just be mottled…
Also in the crafty goodness I got a couple of very very fab Aranzi Aronzo books. If you haven’t seen these before – go look. Their site is fab, and more and more of their books are getting translated from Japanese to English now. They are supercute 😀
BUT, seeing as I can’t really utilise any of these yet, I’ve been obsessing over my new Nintendo DS Lite, and the joy that is Pokemon Pearl… Oops 😉
Ok, need breakfast so I can take my tablet before today’s physio session. Hopefully back soon with more interesting stuff!
In the meantime, I hope you have all had a wonderful peace and love filled Christmas, and that the new year brings all that you desire.

10 thoughts on “Just checking in…”

  1. Oooh good to see another post from you missis! Sorry to hear you keep getting poorly, though hopefully the physio will sort you right out!
    Yey for DS Lites! I also got one! Am arduously trying to work my way through Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at the mo! Also have the Brain Training game to keep those little grey cells fresh!
    Happy New Year!!! I hope things improve soon xxx

  2. I do hope you mend soon. Don’t worry about feeding the blog with knit stuff, fill it with others things. We will still be here.

  3. You should try the Legend of Zelda for the DS (I can’t remember the real name – I refer to all of them as “Link”)! I’ve really had a good time with that one.

  4. Thanks for the card hon, I got it when I got back to work yesterday.
    I got Hip to Knit, and I have just ordered Victorian Lace Today with my Christmas money 🙂

  5. I loved the look of that knitted icons book, will look forward to seeing what you produce from it 🙂 Also the Aranzi Aronzo, they look great. Hope you are continuing to get better everyday.

  6. OH MY – I have been without internet at home for 3 months and have had no time to read blogs at work — I’m so behind. I’ll have to pop to the BFs and read back further when I return from this weekends biz trip.
    I’m just now reading your plight. 🙁
    Sending you a gentle hug from NYC!
    Hope you are feeling better day by day!!

  7. haha!! You’re awesome and you rock and I love you!! You called me a hussy! *grin* LOVE that word! Hope you’re doing great 🙂
    Happy belated New Year!

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