Ok, rather than pick on one particular person, I thought I’d do a call out!
My other half is a huge Hitchcock fan, and the March 08 issue of Vanity Fair is the ‘Hollywood Issue’ with a big section on the rotund chappie. We are going to try in town to see if a big newsagents has the US edition, but would anyone be willing to buy us a copy if we can’t find it? I’ll gladly pay/do a swap with something English for any willing shopper (e.g. the wonder that is Marks and Spencer Percy Pigs, some small yarny goodness, Charbonnel and Walker chocolate, stitch markers, handmade brooches, music etc etc etc).
Any help would at least be greatly appreciated, if not by me, then certainly by the man… 😉
Cheers y’all! Real stuff later this week hopefully!

4 thoughts on “Help!”

  1. I think I can help. It’s the March issue, right? I can check Barnes and Nobles to see when it would be out. Just send me an email.

  2. Just send me a note if you can’t find it & I put one in the mail to you straight away!
    Thanks for the well wishes on my blog as well. I haven’t had a chance to respond yet but I do love knowing I have so many friends to help keep me sane!!!

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