Just have to get something off my chest here so do bear with me, and if you don’t fancy reading a rant (a non knitting rant at that too!), click away now!
I’m a polite, considerate person. I say please and thank you, and stand up if someone needs a seat more than I do. So today took the biscuit when I caught the bus home. 3 elderly people talking about how this country would be a better place if we stopped letting ‘them’ in to this country, and, hoorah hoorah, the bus driver agrees with them. Because, of course ‘them’ make everything terrible here, and it is ‘them’ who bring up their chavvy kids so that they have no respect of authority or consideration of other people and swear every other word, and leave us with no hope in the scientific future because they don’t care about education (although let’s face it we’ll have plenty of manual workers in a few years time even if we don’t have any doctors). Great. In fact prior to that I saw a bunch of skinheads straight out of ‘This is England’ too. Must be the bigot’s day out. Or does that make me bigotted too? Probably, I’m sure, but I’d rather be bigoted against the real problems in society than against people who by and large do most of the jobs that residents aren’t prepared to do. Shouldn’t we be addressing our own attitudes to work and bringing up children than whether immigrants are ‘taking all the jobs and our benefits from our tax’ when they are in fact working their backsides off in jobs that are being advertised abroad because nobody here will do them? And yeah, the odd bad person gets away with stuff and gets in the news, but don’t residents do that too? Isn’t that why we have all the benefit fraud and tv licence ads on tv, and, you know, a police force (which probably existed prior to anyone entering the country from Europe when the EU was formed. Wonder what they did before any one started coming here from other countries? Probably told school boys off for using their slingshots…)?
Then, I ring the bell to get off the bus. The driver asks me whether I’m headed ‘up that way’ and I say yes. He says ‘yes?’ and I say ‘yes’, because it is true. He says ‘yes please very much don’t you think?’ and stops the bus before my stop. I was gobsmacked. I always say thank you when I get off the bus so I did this time, but why should I be accused of being unthankful when I wasn’t actually asking to be dropped off where he decided he should let me off? I didn’t ask him to let me off there, and wasn’t planning to. I was just agreeing to what he asked me, and he certainly didn’t ask me if that was where I wanted to get off. The bus stops have higher curbs to make it safer to get of the bus and he dropped me off at a point where the curb dropped to let cars go up a driveway, so it was a good 8 inches lower than the bus stop curb – is that safe? Is it even legal for them to do that? Probably on that one too. I’m not catching the bus on that company again. He’s dropped me off before where I didn’t ask to be dropped and I’m not going to put up with that attitude if he thinks he’s doing some kind of great service to me. I’m debating whether or not to make a formal complaint about him, but that leaves me at risk of being at his mercy should I need to get their version of the service again. But it also leaves other people at risk from his arrogance and attitude too. Am I being too easily annoyed by this?
People are rubbish. Well, most people I meet on a weekend if I leave the house anyway.
Thanks for that – I feel better now.

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  1. There are gits and small-minded people everywhere. I have never understood people who complain about immigrants. It is a really good thing that they are coming into the country to work – they increase the amount of tax being taken in and everyone benefits as a result. I have found, especially with eastern European workers coming into Ireland, that they are far more friendly, courteous and efficient than most Irish workers. I prefer to deal with eastern Europeans in a shop than with an Irish person! They’re keen and motivated and I think alot of Irish people could learn alot from them!
    As for the bus driver, I think you should make a dignified complaint. His conduct was unprofessional and offensive. It would be enough for me!

  2. Our bus drivers say they aren’t allowed to let you off unless they are at a designated stop – although that could be an excuse for not being helpful. I would have insisted on getting off at the stop – and I don’t say thankyou when they foul up (like when they ignore the bell and go sailing past my stop)
    and ‘they’ 😉 wonder why people drive?

  3. You know, I hate that I can’t tell people when they are being rude for fear that they are going to be even ruder to me or harm me in some way. Last week as I travelled up north I boarded the Quiet Carriage as I generally do because one of the biggest irks is people yammering away on their mobile phones in public – non-stop and saying “Hello? hello? I’m on the train. It keeps cutting out. Hello?” Fair enough if you have to ring to say “I’m on the train, it’s 15 mins late so meet me at x-time”. [Sorry that was a departure from my point.]
    So I’m sat there in the Quiet Carriage only it is anything but because there is a family w/ several children (roughly 6, 10, and an infant) who are screaming at each other THE ENTIRE TIME. And this wasn’t the only family. I’m sorry, families should not book seats in the quiet carriage. And on the way back, the same thing – a family, a group of 4 girls off to have a hen night, a group of guys w/ a case of beer, and one guy who wouldn’t get off his mobile phone. Since the mobile phone guy was in the seat across the aisle for me, I decided to say something. I was met with indifference; he started right back using his phone after I pointed out he boarded a quiet carriage (pointed to the signs) – he was too busy yammering away to hear the announcement not to use phones.
    Okay I’ve now ranted in your blog – sorry, but I just have to agree with you about people being rude and inconsiderate of others yet wanting nothing but niceities and politeness from others.

  4. If it was a first bus I am not surprised. I would complain to them not that it would do you much good. Yes the country is going to hell in a hand cart but like you I don’t belive that it is the fault of the incomers but more the fact that as a country we are obsessed by dross. Celebrity “news” and big brother yuk!

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