I’m back! And rant free! But maybe some rambling. And no photos.

Weee! Ok, after yesterday’s fun and games, I’m in a much better mood. That might partly be down to the loveliness of finishing projects 🙂 Unfortunately I have no photos though – you’ll have to wait till next week at least before I can show you anything. Most of what I’ve finished is to be gifted so I need to keep it quiet till the recipient has got them. I’ve also set the spin in my first spindle-worth of Yarn Yard BFL and it is currently drying with a big towel in it to keep the stretch. I’d had it wound on the swift for nearly a week, and that seems to have helped the yarn settle a little too although the hank spun around itself before washing.
I’ve also been knitting this weekend 😀 And I’ve knit what in comparison to before is a substantial amount! Woot! I’m back! Almost! I feel like I’m learning again – I can’t work with finer yarns yet, although I’ve knitted half a fetching mitten and a bit of a sock in a heavier weight (6 sts per inch, so closer to dk weight than fingering weight). I would never have thought even last week that I could knit 3 inches of mitten and 2 of a sock in the space of one weekend. I just have to hope that I don’t ache tomorrow from it now, but last week I had to stop knitting fingering weight yarn after 4 rows. Compare and contrast people 😀 Cross your fingers I’m not jumping the gun here please. If I’m not I’ll have at least a mitten picture 😀 If I am I’ll have some spinning instead probably – thank goodness for spinning using different muscles 😀 I’m not sure when this happened, but my pilates instructor noticed my clicking shoulder socket and said that it was loose in the socket from physio, and the looseness? It came from my spine and arm improving in condition and suddenly relaxing the muscle tension, so even though my shoulder is making a nasty racket sometimes, I can build up my strength with the pilates classes and some simple exercises at home. I have to say it is amazing what a difference pilates has made in such a short period of time – I highly recommend it to anyone who has any dodgy limbs or stiffness or anything. In a few short weeks I’ve built up my biceps to a degree you wouldn’t believe from the timescale and my posture is massively improved to the point where I look like I’ve gained an inch in height. I officially love pilates, even if it can be a bit of a difficult decision before setting off – pilates or chips and beer? Pilates has won so far, even on a Friday night 🙂 Are you impressed yet with my commitment to it?
Ok, you can go now 🙂

8 thoughts on “I’m back! And rant free! But maybe some rambling. And no photos.”

  1. Looking forward to seeing your new projects, glad you are knitting again…
    I’m off to see if there are any pilates classes nearby….

  2. You are making me feel guilty. I have a fab Darcey Bussell Pilates dvd which I must have used… three times? And on each occasion thought “I must do this more often”!
    Pictures, we want pictures!

  3. I really want to do pilates! Maybe I’ll make that a goal to start in the summer (once I’m settled into new job and location). I have lots of dodgy limbs and joints haha.
    Glad you’re knitting again – take it easy so you don’t have to take another long break!

  4. yes, that comment about improving posture made me sit up and take notice – I have terrible posture and occasional back probs and regular hip probs as well. Must investigate pilates once moved house.

  5. Someone needs to pay you to advertise Pilates! I might have to head to Target to get me a dvd!!
    Glad to hear you’re improving.

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