A long time coming

Sorry, but I’ve been quite busy doing secret things 🙂 I know it’s boring to read about, but you’ll find out about them soon enough…
In the meantime, here is some eyecandy. Last weekend I went to the local art gallery to see an exhibition. A knitting exhibition to be precise 😀 I got to see 30 Years of Rowan 😀 Woot! It was small but perfectly formed – two rooms of stunning quilts and knitwear from the entire back-catalogue of Rowan’s magazines and books. It was predominantly mad 80s looking colourwork rather than what you would call wearable, but from technical point, it was amazing. Here are some highlights:
capsule 07
Yummy, eh? I had a whale of a time, and also could have spent a small fortune on many many packs of special edition 30yr postcards and pattern books, but they only took cash and (probably luckily) my cheque book was at home.
I’ve been knitting a little, but I’ve been pretty busy with life stuff (all good I should point out :D), so the most I’ve been doing is knitting for the new year of the Sockdown on Ravelry. This month’s theme is orange, or Cookie A, or a mystery sock in orange. I love that the Sockdown gives me a chance to use up stash that I may not have picked out for ages because of my hoarding tendancies, so I’ve been knitting with some Posh Yarn Margueritte I bought ages ago and working on the mystery sock 🙂 Here is more eye candy.

I’ve also been planning some future knitting – the weather is turning colder in the morning when I’m waiting for the bus, so once these socks are done, I’ll be knitting up some colourwork mittens from the stash. I have plenty of yarn I bought for that kind of thing, so I’m debating between 2 colour and 3 colour patterns. 3 colour ones will be in a silk/merino blend in pink, purple and lavendar, 2 colour in baby alpaca in cream and eggshell blue. You’ll see more of that when I’ve swatched, but pattern suggestions are always welcome 😀 I’m currently leaning towards some edelweiss mittens, but that may change.
So how you doing? Hope your knitting time is greater than mine…

9 thoughts on “A long time coming”

  1. Ooh! Those orange socks are very very tempting!
    I know nothing about mittens, sorry! But I saw some amazing colourwork socks by Red Bird Knits – you could adapt the pattern?

  2. Oh wow! that exhibition looks fantastic, I love that leafy coat – although I would look ridiculous, as a lover of KF designs I have learnt through bitter experience to introduce some shaping – the tears I have shed after knitting up a project to discover that the boxy hsape makes me look like (suprise!!!) a box…

  3. Like the look of the exhibition. Made it to the guild open day whenever it was, weekend before last? Big loved the square knitting needles, have you seen those?

  4. I am so totally jealous. I love Rowan (which I first found through loving Kaffe Fassett) both knitting and quilting. I only I didn’t live in New England!
    Darn it!

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