Back again!

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my last post! I’m finding it quite liberating not blogging all the time about nothing in particular 😉 I’ve been rather busy in my absence. I got a last minute ticket to see the Mighty Boosh at Lawrence Batley Theatre 😀 Naturally since then I’ve been obsessing over Howard and his proud legs.
But more to the point, I’ve been knitting…
Gina received her gift knit (remember our planned exchange? I get her leftover yarn from the butterfly jacket and a pair of socks, she gets something knitted by me). I can post a VERY bad photo of it now!
shawl for gina 2
The colour isn’t accurate, despite all the tweaking in Photoshop I did :S Also I took a full length shot outside, and it looked like it was glowing! It’s the Seascape Stole by Kieran Foley (from Knitty summer 08). It was pretty easy, although I couldn’t have knit it without the chart in front of me. The yarn is Piece of Beauty Laceweight Silk in Ocean Minerals, so go look at the site and see the real colours with the blues and greys and greens and silvers.
Also, I made some socks 🙂
finished mystery sock 1
These are the mystery socks for Sept 08 at Sock Knitters Anonymous. I [heart] them. Jeannie is a very talented designer 😀 The yarn is Posh Yarn Marguerite in Squeal (a silk/merino blend, but sturdier than most of this kind of blend, and well plied – shame they’ve stopped doing this one 🙁 I’d use it again in a flash, but more as a summer yarn).
Lastly, I’ve been sewing, but I have nothing to show yet as the thread was against me finishing anything 🙁 First it wouldn’t thread in the machine properly. Not just once, but 4 times. 4 times! Then the bobbin kept getting caught up. Then the thread ran out halfway through finishing the edges off, so after half an hour, I still have a load of fabric to finish, and no sewing done :/
One last word – I think I need to fix my layouts/photo sizes. I can see my sidebar exactly there – on the side, but at work I discovered it at the bottom of the posts. How many of you can see it where it should be? And are you bothered if it’s wrong?!

7 thoughts on “Back again!”

  1. Worth waiting for as always! Love love love those socks and must knit a pair myself! And that shawl? MMMM! I had almost forgotten about PoB. How sad is that?!
    And your side bar is at the bottom of the screen at home and at work – sorry!

  2. Wow, the seascape stole is gorgeous (even if you couldn’t get the color right)! … and those socks – beautiful!
    Your side bar is on the side for me 🙂

  3. Hi! I got gifted a last minute Boosh ticket too, it totally rocked didn’t it?! Loved the honey monster bit, very funny.
    I love the lace pattern, what is it called or did you make it up? :o)

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