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2 posts in one day?! :O
But this isn’t really a proper post. I need help finding a nice colourwork sock that will either be in one of my many Nancy Bush/Interweave/Cat Bhordi books or available to buy online. I have bird foot by Red Bird Knits too, but the sock won’t involve black, and will involve solid colours, so I’m not sure whether it will work. Suggestions are VERY welcome. At the mo it is between bird foot and that one from Folk Knitting in Estonia, but the latter I’ve made before and while gorgeous isn’t very high impact, and the former I’ve already expressed fears of my colour choices not working as well with it. And I dare not reveal my colour choices right now.
Sorry – I’m not really being very helpful! But please send links to pretty 2 colour patterns.
End of whine.

6 thoughts on “Help needed”

  1. Do you have Folk Socks? I really like the Mamluke socks from there (although I think I would probably leave off the religious emblems which quite a few people have done on Rav) ( You could make the Harika socks from Twist collective in 2 colours as well… I think that would look nice. ( ).
    Plus if you have pretty sock yarn you can always use it to make 2-colour mittens instead – that opens up a whole new realm of possibilities!
    Happy choosing, anyway 🙂

  2. What about Istanbul by Red Bird Knits? That would look good in both solid or solid & variegated. Or Double Spiral from SKS?
    I would choose the pattern once you’ve worked out your gauge with your yarns. Have you done the colour test mentioned in an old issue of to see if the shades are different enough?
    I’ve got some Red Bird patterns (bought from Woolly Workshop) but haven’t been brave enough yet 😉

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