This blog is brought to you by the letter B

Roo [LINK] was doing some very interesting things in her blog a while ago. You may have seen it already, but she asked for, and was given a letter (i.e. alphabet letter), and then picked out a few things to talk about beginning with that letter. I asked for one from her (well, she was offering!), and have been granted one 🙂 So here I go…
Books: a bit obvious this one, but I love reading and learning, and by default I love books. A recent meme a friend sent me asked whether I’d rather be blind or deaf, and I chose deaf – I’d miss music, but I could still read, and watch films with subtitles on. Audio books just don’t compare to the feeling of a good book in your hands and texture of paper.
Beer: I’m a real ale drinker. I love a good pint, but still feel drawn to European beers more than the local ones (although a pint of Speckled Hen or Black Sheep for commercial beer always does the trick). Yum. I was quite disappointed when Oz Clark and James May went to what many of us thought was the wrong pub in the town train station on their beer tour – they so should have been to the Head of Steam – much better guest beers and a nicer place to drink 🙂 Plus, it’s the one listed on the Pennistone trainline run. But at least they visited us anyway!
Beards: one of my favourite online comics (and comics overall) is Wondermark. Where does the beard come in? Well, one of the compilations is Beards of Our Forefathers, and it is very very funny. Also there is a beard spotting guide in the front of it. What more could you want?
Body Building: I confess I’m feeling a bit stumped with all these Bs – being a B myself, I find that most things that interest me do not begin with B 😉 But, I’m sat here on a Sunday morning, with Transworld Sport on tv, and I have just concluded that body building freaks me out. Doesn’t matter if it is a man or a woman, to take it to competitive extremes just looks wrong to me :S Especially when a human loses all signs of human shaping from it. Ok so most humans are obese and come with a six pack of muffintops rather than the old school six pack, but really is it that attractive to look like a human sized carrot? With veins sticking out everywhere? I’m the first to admit I try very hard not to judge by appearances (the uni environment brings such a cool variety of people into it, which makes it so much more fun to work in), and I’m sure they are all lovely lovely people, but seeing that orange lumpy veiny stuff disturbs me, especially at 7.50 am on a Sunday.
So there we go – I think we all learned something from that. If you’d like a letter, leave a comment, and I’ll send you one 🙂
Also, I now have 3 half pairs of socks :S I should really finish some off…

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